Trickster Mac 快速查找文件工具 v3.9.3

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Trickster 软件破解版是一款Mac上快速查看最近使用文件的效率工具,在用户体验上非常不错,通过知您网分享的Trickster软件破解版,我们可以在菜单栏快速的查看到我们最近使用的文档、下载的文件、浏览的图片、播放的音乐视频、运行的应用等,节约我们大量的时间,尤其像笔者经常需要同时打开多个Word文档工作的用户,一款能够提高工作效率的优秀工具。

Trickster Mac 快速查找文件工具
所属分类:小于50M  文件管理 适配:macOS 10.14.4或更高 大小:10.77MB | 语言:英文 | 授权:破解 最后更新:2024年05月09日
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Trickster mac破解版是知您网搜集到的Mac os系统上一款菜单栏小工具可以帮助我们在Mac电脑上快速访问最近使用的文件或程序的实用工具,它位于菜单栏,跟踪最近使用所有的东西,可查看所有的最新文件和应用程序并深入检查它们的类别,如文档、照片、视频音频和下载,甚至可以标记名称,以供以后使用。只需点击即可能迅速找出最近用过的文件和文件夹,非常方便!

Trickster Mac软件下载功能介绍

想要快速查找自己的文件吗?不妨试试知您网分享的Mac提高效率工具Trickster Mac破解版!Trickster破解版是Macos上一款快速查找文件工具,Trickster Mac破解版下载能够自动记录最近使用过的文件夹,方便大家的再次使用,大大节省您的时间。

Trickster Mac软件下载功能特色

从任何地方拖拽知您网分享的Trickster 软件破解版中的文件,就像从Finder那里一样
打开Trickster 软件破解版并从键盘执行操作

Trickster Mac软件下载功能特征

- 将文件从Trickster for Mac破解软件拖放到Finder或任何其他应用程序,就像从Finder中做的一样。
- 从Trickster打开文件和应用程序,预览它们或在Finder中显示。
- 预设过滤器只显示图像,音频文件,视频,文档,应用程序,文件夹和特定位置。
- 根据位置,文件类型,Finder标签(在OS X 10.9上)或字符串匹配创建您自己的自定义过滤器。
- 只跟踪相关文件,并忽略其余的部分。
- 收藏夹“粘”栏让您快速访问您最常用的文件,文件夹和应用程序。将文件拖放到“最喜欢的”文件夹中,将其移动到“最喜欢的”应用程序中,然后使用该特定的应用程序打开它。
- 将文件添加到Evernote上的任何笔记本。


Trickster Crack - Your files, at your fingertips!
What others are saying about Trickster?
- "Incredibly useful, nicely designed. The simple 'Help' is perfect" - Smile Software
- "A handy tool for tracking and working with documents, folders, and other data." - Macworld (4 mice)
- "Trickster is easy to figure out, fast, and looks nice." - $2-tuesday
- "Where Trickster does the trick for me is with its keyboard navigation." - Macstories
- "I’m always on the lookout for productivity boosters, and Trickster has me in love." - TheNextWeb
If you work with files, Trickster is the ultimate productivity booster for you.
Quickly access to your recently used documents, folders, and applications.
All your important stuff is now just a couple of clicks away, accessible from your menu bar. 
Did you just open a document in Pages? It’s in Trickster.
Did you just download a file? Don’t bother searching your downloads folder. Trickster has it just one click away.
Everything you were supposed to be working on is still in your menu bar, ready when you are.
Some of the things Trickster can do:
- Drag and drop files from Trickster to Finder or any other application like you'd do from Finder.
- Open files and applications from Trickster, preview them or reveal in Finder.
- Preset filters to only display images, audio files, videos, documents, applications, folders and specific locations.
- Create your custom filters based on location, file types, Finder tags (on OS X 10.9) or string matching.
- Track only relevant files and ignore all the rest.
- Favorites "sticky" bar gives you fast access to your most frequently used files, folders, and applications. Drop files on a 'favorite' folder to move it there or drop on a 'favorite' application to open it with that particular app.
- Add files to any notebook on Evernote
- Retina ready
Trickster is 100% keyboard-friendly. For ultimate productivity and speed, you can use it entirely without a mouse or combine mouse with keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys.
Version 3.9.3:
* Trickster will now refresh previews for modified files that are already in the list
* Fix Configure Tracking Settings button in Preferences not always working
* Add checks when adding watched folders:
- Prohibit adding home and root folders
- Skip folders that are already in the list
- For newly added folders that are children of watched folders, confirm that they should be added
- For newly added folders that are parents of watched folders, suggest removing the children watched folders
* Fix text for right-click menu commands when more than one file is selected

Trickster Mac软件下载历史版本

版本 下载 密码
3.9.2 立即下载 ssay
3.9.1 立即下载 ssay
3.9 立即下载 ssay
3.8.1 修复 立即下载 ssay
3.8.1 立即下载 ssay
3.8 立即下载 ssay
3.7 立即下载 ssay
3.4 立即下载 ssay


文件下载 芯片:✅ 支持Intel/M1/M2/M3 适配:macOS 10.14.4或更高 大小:10.77MB | 语言:英文 | 授权:破解 兼容:✅ Big Sur/Monterey/Ventura/Sonoma运行
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