Texifier Mac破解版 LaTeX编辑器 v1.9.21(776)

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Texifier Mac破解版是一款很不错的LaTeX编辑器,Texifier for Mac破解版可以使用内置的TexpadTeX排版机进行即时实时排版,专为任何规模的项目的直接导航、编辑和排版而设计,有需要就来下载吧!

Texifier Mac破解版 LaTeX编辑器
所属分类:小于50M  编程开发 系统:macOS 11.0或更高版本 大小:35.28MB | 语言: 多国语言[中文] | 授权:破解 最后更新:2023年07月15日


Texifier mac破解版是知您网搜集到的Mac os系统上一款由TNT破解非常好用的LaTeX编辑器,可以让您专注于任何规模大小的项目。当使用知您网软件分享的Texpad for Mac破解软件打开你的项目,他会扫描项目,寻找LaTeX结构,命令和任何包含在内的文件,Texpad Mac破解版会为您提供一个大纲视图,使用它可以快速地浏览整个项目。
Texifier for Mac破解版功能介绍
知您网官网分享的Texifier破解版Mac软件(以前称为 Texpad)在Mac上编辑和排版LaTeX、Plain TeX和Markdown。

知您网软件提供的Texifier Mac破解版是一个LaTeX编辑器,专为任何规模的项目的直接导航、编辑和排版而设计。打开一个LaTeX根文件,Texifier将扫描它,打开所有引用的文件,提取文档结构以在大纲视图中显示,并根据文档使用的包和工具配置排版机。
Texifier for Mac破解版功能特征
- 支持LaTeX、Plain Tex和Markdown
- 使用大纲视图轻松浏览最大的项目
- 使用全局搜索视图按字符串或正则表达式搜索所有文件
- 使用标签搜索按章节标题、标签、文件名、引文等进行搜索
- 以原始日志或错误和警告表视图浏览排版错误和警告。
- Texifier的编辑器自动完成命令,并自动填充命令,例如 \ref{...} 或 \cite{...}
- 使用Texifier内置的TexpadTeX排版器进行即时实时排版
Texifier for Mac破解软件功能特色
知您网分享的Texifier破解版Mac软件的编辑器具有语法突出显示、主题选择、命令自动完成(包括文档中定义的命令)、\cite 和 \ref 命令的自动填充以及许多其他功能。强大的侧边栏的文档结构视图允许您轻松浏览大型多文件项目。此外,Texifier的大纲列出了所有标签、图形、表格、待办事项,搜索窗格可以使用普通文本搜索或正则表达式搜索在整个项目中搜索和替换。

TexpadTeX - Texifier的内部,无需Internet连接,排版机附带PGF驱动程序、本机字体扩展、Unicode等。这些允许它支持几乎所有可用的LaTeX包。TexpadTeX还为需要这些工具的文档集成了一个BibteX工具和一个兼容 Makeindex的索引器。集成的捆绑包管理器负责为您下载、安装和更新LaTeX包,让您可以访问几乎整个LaTeX生态系统,而无需占用设备上的任何空间。




Texifier与LaTeX同等支持Markdown。在Texifier的语法高亮编辑器中编辑您的文档,按大纲浏览文档,然后当您按下Typeset时,文档将被LaTeX透明地转换和排版,结合了Markdown的非正式易用性和LaTeX创建漂亮和高质量pdf的能力。同样,Plain TeX用户可以在Texifier中编辑和排版他们的文档。


Edit and typeset LaTeX, Plain TeX and Markdown on your Mac using Texifier, formerly known as Texpad.
Texifier is a LaTeX editor designed for straightforward navigation, editing and typesetting of projects of any size. Open a LaTeX root file, and Texifier will scan it, open any referenced files, extract the document structure for display in the outline view, and configure the typesetter according to the packages and tools used by your document.
Texifier's editor has syntax highlighting, a choice of themes, autocomplete of commands including those defined in your document, autofill for \cite and \ref commands, and many other features. The powerful sidebar’s document structure view allows you to navigate through large multifile projects with ease. Additionally, Texifier's outline lists all labels, figures, tables, todos and the search pane can search and replace across your entire project using either normal text searches, or regular expression searches.
TexpadTeX - Texifier's internal, no internet connection required, typesetter comes with PGF drivers, Native Fonts extensions, Unicode and more. These allow it to support almost any LaTeX package available. TexpadTeX also integrates a BibteX tool and a Makeindex compatible indexer for documents that require those tools. The integrated bundle manager takes care of downloading, installing and updating LaTeX packages for you, giving you access to almost the entire LaTeX ecosystem without using any more space on your device than needed.
TexpadTeX can run in Live mode, updating the output as you type, so you never need wait for a typeset to finish again.
For the rare cases of documents that are not compatible with TexpadTeX, you can use our free cloud typesetters. These are fully integrated into Texifier so press typeset, and Texifier will run the typeset in the Cloud, presenting the results just as if it had been typeset on your device.
After typeset, any errors in your document are organised in a table of issues. Tap on an issue to jump directly to the offending line of LaTeX source, or the line in the raw log if you wish to read the original output.
Texifier supports Markdown on an equal footing with LaTeX. Edit your document in Texifier's syntax highlighting editor, browse the document by outline, then when you press Typeset, the document will be transparently converted and typeset by LaTeX, combining the informal ease of Markdown with LaTeX's ability to create beautiful and high quality PDFs. Likewise Plain TeX users can edit and typeset their documents in Texifier.
- Support for LaTeX, Plain Tex and Markdown
- Navigate easily through even the largest projects using the Outline view
- Search all files by string or regex with the global search view
- Search by section title, label, filename, citation and more with the tag search
- Browse the typeset errors and warnings either as a raw log, or with the errors and warnings table view.
- Texifier's editor autocompletes commands, and autofills commands such as \ref{...} or \cite{...}
- Instant Live typeset using Texifier's built in TexpadTeX typesetter
- Free typesetting through our secure cloud servers gives you access to all packages in the latest TeXLive distribution without the need to install or maintain it yourself.

Version 1.9.21:
– Misc. stability improvements and bug fixes
– A crash affecting PDF display in live typesetter fixed


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文件下载 系统:macOS 11.0或更高版本 大小:35.28MB | 语言: 多国语言[中文] | 授权:破解 经确认:支持Intel/M1/M2芯片、Big Sur/Monterey/Ventura运行
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