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Picture in Picture (PiP) allows watching videos from the internet while working at a computer. Using unique algorithms, the program finds videos on web pages and allows to open them in a floating window, that remains in the front.

Picture in Picture supports viewing any video from web pages opened in Safari and Chrome browsers. Using PiP you can also open and watch .mp4, .mov, .m4v files stored in your computer.

Using Picture in Picture you can:
– Watch YouTube videos while working in Xcode
– Watch Netflix while shopping online
– Watch Twitch streams while playing CS

We guarantee that the following web-sites are tested and work with Picture in Picture:
— Youtube
— Netflix
— Vimeo
— Dailymotion
— Ted.com
— Twitch.tv
— and all others.

Flash players, HTML5 players, iframe videos – all types of web players are supported.

Picture in Picture – is not a browser, it is an application for playing videos.
Picture in Picture mac的预览图
Version 1.1:
- increased perfomance.
- improved work with web sites (now working with youtube playlists)
- Auto closing previous PIP video before play new
- Increased PiP icon of button
- Bug fixes


系统:mac 10.11及以上
测试电脑:MacBook Pro(Osx 10.11.4)
开发商:Arthur Vanesyan


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