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NewsBar RSS reader for mac是Mac os平台上的一款新闻客户端,NewsBar建立了一个全新的概念,在你的桌面上提供流畅的新闻动画。所有的RSS源不断出现在您选定的显示器上。NewsBar可让您拥有自己的新闻机构,再也不必浪费时间在搜索新闻网页上了。

NewsBar mac的预览图
NewsBar mac的预览图

Rock your Desktop with NewsBar, the fast-updating iCloud newsreader!
NewsBar is built with a fresh concept: news feeds delivered with a smooth animation, right to your desktop with automatic iCloud sync across all Apple devices. Converts plain old RSS feeds into a live news stream with keyword watching and alerts. Works fine without Google Reader, syncing with Feedly.

All of your RSS feeds continuously appear on the selected side of your display, or in a regular window. NewsBar is like having your own, personal news agency. You don’t have to waste your time checking webpages – NewsBar will show you what’s going on.

No delays, no waiting: stories appear right on your display, just as they are published. You can easily organize, read, follow, mark, filter and search news from your favorite feeds. Stories are read directly from RSS sources without delay, NewsBar is the fastest RSS reader in the world.

There is no need to register or login into any account or service, news reading with NewsBar is safe and private.

“If you???re looking for something a bit different in your RSS reader, I really recommend giving NewsBar a try, it???s a surprisingly powerful and enjoyable little app.” – Mac Appstorm

- News without delay
- High speed, efficient RSS engine
- iCloud sync of feeds, statuses and starred across all Apple devices
- Smooth animation on news arrival
- Intuitive user interface
- Mac desktop integration with adjustable opacity
- Add new feeds and feed icons with Drag and Drop
- Organize feeds into user defined folders
- Single click opens RSS content in a popup window
- Double click opens news in your browser
- Auto hide read items
- Mark & share news
- OS X Notification Center support
- Star news for later reading
- News can be highlighted and filtered by keywords
- Keyword detection alerts using audible and visible cues
- Customizable interface (colors, fonts, size, gradient, opacity)
- Assign custom icon for each feed
- RSS 2.0, ATOM support
- Sync feed list and starred items with Feedly (optional)
- Customizable individual feed settings
- Import feed list from Google Reader takeout
- OPML export and import
- Quick text search in all feeds
- Multiple display/desktop and Spaces support
- Menubar mode (App icon can be removed from dock)
- Very low CPU and memory usage
NewsBar mac的预览图
Version 3.8(423):
- OS X 10.11 El Capitan compatibility
- Dock icon badge count can be turned on/off in preferences
- Better preview window sizing
- Twitter login fix
- Many bug fixes


系统:mac 10.6.6及以上
测试电脑:MacBook Pro(Osx 10.11.4)
开发商:Merlin Developments


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