Spillo Mac – 书签管理工具 v1.9.7(141)

Spillo Mac – 书签管理工具 <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v1.9.7(141)</span>
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Spillo是知您网搜集到的mac os x系统上一款Pinboard书签管理工具,而Pinboard一家提供网络书签收藏服务的网站,Spillo是Mac上的一款Pinboard客户端,界面是三栏布局,可以方便快捷的在设置书签页面,可以方便查询和查找。

spillo是一个功能强大,为OS X spillo宏伟的神速的插接式客户端可以让你浏览和一个惊人的现代的界面组织您的书签。spillo也使得创建书签从你的MAC随时随地尽可能的方便。
Spillo Mac – 书签管理工具 <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v1.9.7(141)</span>的预览图
Spillo Mac – 书签管理工具 <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v1.9.7(141)</span>的预览图


Spillo is a powerful, beautiful and amazingly fast Pinboard client. It lets you browse and organize your bookmarks in a stunning modern interface. It also makes creating a bookmark from anywhere on your Mac as convenient as possible.

- A beautiful interface: Spillo has a beautiful modern interface that feels just right at home on your Mac. It uses all the latest technologies that you would expect from a modern OS X application.
- Easily organize your bookmarks: Spillo allows you to create powerful collections by specifying a number of rules. Don’t limit yourself to Pinboard’s default organization and create collections that just match your needs.
- Create powerful searches: Spillo also allows you to create and save public searches based on a username and a number of tags. You can keep recurrent searches right in your sidebar.
- Share to a multitude of services: Spillo supports sharing your bookmaks to a multitude of services such as Instapaper, Pocket, Twitter and Facebook. Should you be annoyed by some services, you can easily disable them in the Preferences.
- Quickly create a bookmark from anywhere on your Mac:Spillo’s bookmark creation window can be brought up from anywhere on your Mac. Use the (optional) menu item or global shortcut to bring up. The URL field will also be pre-populated based on the content of your clipboard.
- Browser integration to make bookmarking simpler: Spillo comes with browser extensions that make bookmarking from any page trivial. The bookmark creation window will be pre-populated based on the content of the current page. They are available for Safari and Chrome.
- Spillo is super fast!: Spillo’s edge is its speed and responsiveness. Don’t wait on a slow network to process your data, it caches it and syncs whenever it’s more convenient.
- All the shortcuts you would expect: Spillo has a multitude of shortcuts that make browsing, organizing and editing your bookmarks so much quicker.
AppleScript support: Spillo has full AppleScript support for browsing, creating and updating bookmarks so it’s easily extendable. Want to create an Alfred workflow to create a new bookmark in Spillo? You can do it with a couple of lines of AppleScript. Check this script that retrieves the current tab in Safari and presents the Spillo window to create a bookmark for that URL.
- Create your own Sharing Service plugins: Spillo has an open plugin architecture that lets you extend the built-in sharing capabilities by building your own Sharing Services. Building a plugin is really easy, just check out the small SDK on GitHub and start building!
Spillo Mac – 书签管理工具 <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v1.9.7(141)</span>的预览图
Version 1.9.7:
// Enhancements
- Greatly improve speed, CPU usage, and memory usage when refreshing, in particular for accounts containing a very large number of bookmarks
- Add an option to force-refresh (hold the Option key when viewing the File menu); this will refresh all your bookmarks again, even if Spillo believes it has the latest version
- Share the credentials keychain item between Spillo and its extension (no more Keychain Access alerts)

// Fixes
- Fix a rare crash that could happen when refreshing


系统:mac 10.9及以上
测试电脑:MacBook Pro(Osx 10.12.1)
开发商:Damien DeVille


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1、城通网盘 | 2、百度网盘 | 3、微云下载
1、微云下载 | 2、百度云下载
1、微云下载 | 2、百度云下载
1、微云下载 | 2、百度云下载

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