CloudMounter Mac破解版 云盘本地加载工具 v4.5(1206)

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CloudMounter for Mac破解软件可以让你同时管理不同的云存储帐户,而且提供数据加密功能,CloudMounter Mac破解版很好的保障了你的数据不外泄,赶紧来下载吧!

CloudMounter Mac破解版 云盘本地加载工具
所属分类:大小50M-100M  FTP工具/云存储 适配:macOS 10.14或更高 大小:59.09MB | 语言:中文 | 授权:破解 最后更新:2024年04月03日
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CloudMounter mac破解版是知您网搜集到的Mac os系统上一款由TNT破解云盘本地加载工具,可以让您同时管理不同的云存储帐户,知您网软件提供的CloudMounter for Mac破解软件支持Google Drive、Microsoft OneDrive、Dropbox、FTP等云服务,使用起来非常的方便快捷。

CloudMounter Mac破解版功能介绍

知您网软件带来的CloudMounter for Mac破解版是具有低容量SSD驱动器的笔记本电脑用户必备的工具。您可以轻松地将Dropbox,Google云端硬盘和其他云作为磁盘安装,而无需在硬盘驱动器上下载在线文件。以及具有数据加密的安全云文件。

CloudMounter Mac破解版功能特色

知您网官网分享的CloudMounter破解版是一个可靠的系统实用程序,用于将云存储和Web服务器作为本地磁盘安装到Mac。连接到Finder中的Dropbox,Google Drive,Amazon S3,Microsoft OneDrive,(S)FTP,WebDAV和OpenStack Swift服务器,就像它们都托管在您的计算机上一样。
CloudMounter破解版允许加密Google Drive,Dropbox,OneDrive,Amazon S3数据以及FTP / WebDAV服务器和OpenStack Swift对象存储上的文件。
为Macintosh HD添加更多空间
您的云文件未保存在硬盘驱动器上。您可以通过安装Dropbox(2GB),Google Drive(15GB),Microsoft OneDrive(30GB)等云服务来节省硬盘空间。


CloudMounter Crack is a centralized service that allows mounting cloud storages as local disks and working with online files the same way as with local ones. It also keeps all your data securely protected with the high-end encryption algorithm (AES256), so in case your account is stolen, no one gets access to your personal information.
Manage your main Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive accounts and encrypt files on them for FREE! The app supports Box cloud service, pCloud, Backblaze B2 cloud storage, Amazon S3-compatible storage solutions, files shared with you over Google Drive, and even more!
Free supported cloud services:
- Google Drive
- Microsoft OneDrive
- Dropbox
Services available with the subscription:
- Amazon S3, with custom server endpoint
- Box
- Backblaze B2
- pCloud
- WebDAV
- OpenStack Swift
With this handy system utility you can extend your Mac disk space to unlimited, the only condition is an active Internet connection. Ready to find out how it works? It is really easy!
Unlike native clients, CloudMounter does not sync local information with your online accounts, it really mounts remote servers on your Mac, like removable disks. You can copy, move, open, download, and upload files to your cloud servers, just as you would with your local folders. CloudMounter has a rather handy Finder extension allowing you to see the loading statuses of your files. You can even move files between cloud accounts, without having to manually copy them to your local computer. Keep in mind that a temporary copy of the file is still saved to a computer, only to be removed after the transfer is completed.
Additionally, the app offers the native mount type, which allows users to work with files offline regardless of their Internet connection. The feature is available for macOS 11.3 and later.
CloudMounter is a safe and secure utility. It allows you to encrypt your personal data on the cloud servers so that only CloudMounter user with a master password can see it. Viewing the storage from any other point of access (i.e., browser or native client) will show nothing but nonsense.
Besides encryption of your online data, all connections are performed through the native API of cloud services, which means that all your login credentials are not used by the app for anything else except logging in to appropriate accounts and, of course, are not shared with any third parties. All passwords for FTP, WebDAV, and Amazon S3 accounts are securely kept in the macOS Keychain.
Version 4.5:
• Improved: integration with Dropbox.
• Improved: encryption of file names.
• Fixed: issues with retrieving public links on S3 connections.
• Fixed: issues with the display of modification dates on some FTP servers.
• Fixed: errors during files upload.
• Other minor fixes.

CloudMounter Mac破解软件历史版本

版本 下载 密码
4.4(1123) 立即下载 ssay
4.2(903) 立即下载 ssay
4.1.1(811) 立即下载 ssay
4.1(809) 立即下载 ssay
4.0(759) 立即下载 ssay
3.11(698) 立即下载 ssay
3.10(694) 立即下载 ssay
3.8(680) 立即下载 ssay
3.6(611) 立即下载 ssay
3.5(585) 立即下载 ssay


文件下载 芯片:✅ 支持Intel/M1/M2/M3 适配:macOS 10.14或更高 大小:59.09MB | 语言:中文 | 授权:破解 兼容:✅ Big Sur/Monterey/Ventura/Sonoma运行
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