Memory Disk File Cleaner mac

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Boost up Memory, Clean and Optimize Disk – ALL in ONE – Supported 30 languages
“Powerful and more features integrated in single app. I’ll introduce family and friends to use” – William Adams.
“Just 10$, your mac will be brought to another level” – Unnamed.
“I have sent feedback can make Memory Disk File Cleaner better. Please check” – Alan Moore.

Fast and Powerful CPU, RAM, Disk, File cleaner. Ranked in the top Paid App in 20 countries.

New featuring Boost up Memory, Optimize Disk, bring your Mac’s performance up to speed with these fantastic new features!

Memory Disk File Cleaner performs a comprehensive sweep for junk files that are often left over after apps are uninstalled.

Memory Disk File Cleaner automatically reclaims system memory when you close a memory-intensive app. Increasing the productivity of your Mac!

Primaty features:

[Boost up Memory] – Automatically optimizes memory when apps close
– Reclaim unused memory to make it available for use by other apps
– Optimize memory with one click
– Graph monitor to track real-time memory status

[Optimize Disk] – Clean temporary file such as logs, caches files, downloads, etc.
– Empty current user’s Trash Can
– Remind users to clean their disk when necessary

[Find Duplicate Files] – Files compared via our advanced SHA-1 hash checksum algorithm
– Super fast and accurate duplicate detection
– Locate duplicate images, audio, archives, entire folders and more
– Automatic one-click duplicate selection

[Find Unused & Old Files] – Add multiple folders for scanning
– More condition with Size & Date
– Automatic one-click scan
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Version 2.9.1:

  • Improves stability
  • Improves user interface


系统:mac 10.10及以上
测试电脑:MacBook Pro(Osx 10.11.3)
开发商:Giau Huynh


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