Scherlokk Mac破解版 文件搜索软件 v5.4 Build 54001

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使用Scherlokk Mac破解版查找文件,您只需选择文件类型,设置位置路径以及文件名并启动搜索过程。所有匹配结果都显示在窗口底部,您可以使用各种关键字进一步优化搜索。

Scherlokk Mac破解版 文件搜索软件
所属分类:文件管理  小于50M 适配:macOS 10.13或更高 大小:9.99MB | 语言:英文 | 授权:破解 最后更新:2023年11月19日
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Scherlokk mac破解软件镜像包下载完后,首先将软件 Scherlokk 拖至 Mac应用程序中完成 安装和运行;

从Mac应用程序中打开 Scherlokk Mac,点击【Enter Serial Number】
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返回 Scherlokk Mac破解版软件镜像包,复制注册码并粘贴至 Scherlokk 注册窗口,随后点击 OK
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Scherlokk Mac破解版知您网详细描述的截图


Scherlokk Mac破解版是知您网搜集到的Mac os系统上一款简单强力的文件搜索软件,Scherlokk for Mac破解软件拥有直观的界面,且可定义的搜索条件,Scherlokk破解版可让您在几秒钟内找到歌曲,图片,视频,文档和应用程序。

Scherlokk for Mac破解版功能介绍

知您网软件提供的Scherlokk Mac破解版是一种闪电般快速的文件搜索工具,可以精确可靠地搜索符合搜索条件的每个文件。可以快速轻松地找到音乐,图片,书签,文档等。可以在任何类型的体积,便携式卷(pendrives,存储卡,USB驱动器),网络驱动器(AFP,SMB,FTP)等中进行搜索

Scherlokk for Mac破解版功能特色

• Scherlokk for Mac破解软件搜索“真实”文件而不是Spotlight索引。索引并不总是最新的,也不包含所有文件。
• 极快的搜索引擎比竞争对手更快地找到您的文件。
• Scherlokk以平面或分层视图显示搜索结果,这有助于找出哪个文件是您需要的文件以及文件在文件夹结构中的位置。
• 清洁和易于使用的界面。
Scherlokk Mac破解版可以比较任何文件(文本或二进制文件)并显示其差异,并考虑到插入或删除。它使用复杂的算法在两个文件中查找相似的块,并将它们显示为差异列表。


iScherlokk Crack is a lightning fast file search utility and file comparison tool. It performs two fundamental functions, and it performs them extremely well.
Why use iScherlokk:
• Fast search engine finds your files quicker than competition
• iScherlokk searches through 'real' files instead of the Spotlight's index. The index is not always up to date and does not contain all files.
• iScherlokk shows search results in a flat or hierarchical view which helps to find out which file is the one you need and how files are located in the folders structure.
• Clean and easy to use interface.
iScherlokk precisely and reliably searches all files which meet the search criteria. Music, pictures, bookmarks, documents, etc can be found quickly and easily. Search can be made on any kind of build in volume, portable volume (pendrives, memory cards, USB drives), network drive (AFP, SMB, FTP), Thunderbolt or Firewire device (CD/DVD, external HDD, slave computer), etc.
It does not matter if the searched file is hidden or system. The file does not even need to be indexed by macOS to be found by iScherlokk.
When searching with size range, iScherlokk calculates and displays all folders which fit in the range.
Which files can iScherlokk find?
Because iScherlokk is not based upon the Spotlight's index, and has its own, powerful search engine, it will find every single file on any accessible volume in your computer.
iScherlokk can compare any files (text or binary) and displays their differences, taking into account insertions or deletions. It uses a sophisticated algorithm for finding similar blocks in both files and shows them as a list of differences. Try it out and you will love it!
Version 5.4:
• Compatibility with the newest macOS
• Bug fix

文件下载 芯片:✅ 支持Intel/M1/M2/M3 适配:macOS 10.13或更高 大小:9.99MB | 语言:英文 | 授权:破解 兼容:✅ Big Sur/Monterey/Ventura/Sonoma运行
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