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DwellClick for mac可以帮助用户更好控制自己的电脑,不需要重复的敲击鼠标就能完成各种操作指令,DwellClick for mac会在设置的时间范围内做出点击动作,这个时间范围可以是模仿鼠标零延迟同步点击,也可以设置为“延迟到1秒以上”再操作。

2、对于文件/文件夹的拖拽也做了设计,这里就要用到Float Panel了,FL是专门针对”文件对象”设计的,在这里也提供了开关软件,单击,双击,拖拽,四大功能键,刷新九项按钮,左数第四个就是用来对文件进行拖拽的,单击它之后,光标上方会出现一个灰色的长条,这时将光标再放置在目标文件上,待光标变为可拖拽状态时,移动鼠标即可,同理,像右侧的四大功能键也可以这样使用。
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DwellClick is an app that clicks the mouse for you, and lets you give your fingers a rest!

Click and drag with mouse movements only. No clicking required!
Save thousands of clicks per day. No more tired and sore hands.
Drag and resize windows so easily it’s like magic!
Works great with any trackpad or mouse.
It’s a whole new way to use your Mac. You do the pointing, and DwellClick takes care of the clicks. And with the unique Auto Drag feature, dragging the mouse is effortless, too.
DwellClick lets you adopt a totally relaxed posture and use your Mac with mouse movements only. Once you discover a world without clicking, you will find you can use your Mac more enjoyably and with less effort. Work or play more efficiently and for longer, without tired and sore hands.
You can work faster, because your hands actually spend less time on the mouse or trackpad. Or just lean back and browse, and enjoy web surfing with minimal effort.
DwellClick works seamlessly with OS X, and has multiple intelligent features which help it keep out of your way and do its job, while you do your job. It works great with multi-touch trackpads and the Magic Mouse too.
DwellClick mac的预览图
Version 2.2.4: 
Note: Now requires OS X 10.9 or later
- Updated for compatbility with OS X 10.11.4
- The minimum system requirement is now OS X 10.9


系统:mac 10.9及以上
测试电脑:MacBook Pro(Osx 10.11.4)
开发商:Pilotmoon Software


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