Couverture Mac破解版 Spring和Easing曲线编辑器 v1.1.6(127)

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Couverture Mac破解版是一款非常奇特的软件,可能大部分人没有使用该软件的需求,但是这款软件能够帮助用户增强App和各种不同内容的动画效果,让你的软件在使用或者是启动之时能够有着更为良好的动画效果,如果你需要的话可以尝试一下这款Couverture!

Couverture Mac破解版 Spring和Easing曲线编辑器
所属分类:小于50M  平面设计 系统:macOS 12.0或更高版本 大小:46.73MB | 语言: 多国语言[中文] | 授权:破解 最后更新:2022年10月27日


Couverture mac破解软件是知您网搜集到的Mac os系统上一款Spring和Easing曲线编辑器,可让您在应用程序、网站和原型中增强动画效果。制作弹簧、缓动或时序曲线以指定动画随时间的变化率。Couverture Mac破解版让您可以实时管理、编辑和预览这些曲线。这是为您的创意项目创建复杂动画的强大方法。
Couverture for Mac破解软件功能介绍
Couverture for Mac破解软件功能特色

  • 一流的弹簧和缓动曲线编辑器
  • 存储、管理和导出曲线
  • 实时预览动画
  • 随时可用:附带24 条缓动曲线和13 条弹簧曲线
  • 曲线导出为:SwiftUI、CoreAnimation、UIKit、CSS , 图片 (PNG), 浮点数。浮点数与大多数支持时序曲线的设计工具(如Figma、After Effects、Motion)兼容
  • macOS快捷方式支持
  • 针对macOS 12+进行了优化
  • 针对Mac和M1(Apple Silicon)进行了优化

我,开发者,相信隐私是一项人权。Couverture 不收集分析数据。您的所有数据都处于离线状态,在您的设备上属于它的位置。


Couverture is a spring and easing curve editor that lets you enhance animations in apps, websites, and prototypes.
Spring curves, easing curves, or time curves are created to determine how fast an animation changes over time. Couverture allows you to manage, edit and view these curves in real time. This is a powerful way to create complex animations for your creative projects.
Key features:
- First-class spring and dampening curve editor
- Storage, management and export of curves
- Live animation preview
- Ready to go: comes with 24 softening curves and 13 spring curves
- Export curves as: SwiftUI, CoreAnimation, UIKit, CSS, images (PNG), float literals. Floats are compatible with most design tools that support time curves (eg Figma, After Effects, Motion).
- Support for macOS shortcuts
- Optimized for macOS 12+
- Optimized for Mac with M1 (Apple Silicon)
Here's why you need it:
Great animation is Couverture in the design of top-notch user interfaces, websites and apps. Couverture comes with an excellent collection of well-defined spring and dampening curves. Store and manage your custom curves right in the app. Export them as code snippets for various programming frameworks. Create CSS Keyframe animations from curves or save curves as image files. The magic begins with an insanely playful animation preview. It pushes you to create never-before-seen, more interesting animation curves. They will make your creative work stand out from the rest.

Version 1.1.6:
• Impressive new Spring Curve Editor
• Create, manage, export and preview Spring Curves
• Use sophisticated CSS spring animations on the web with the exciting new CSS Keyframe Generator
• Share Easing and Spring Curves as an image to ease communication between designers and developers
• Previews are now resizable and even more enjoyable
• Making your data accessible: Entire curve collections now can be imported and exported as JSON files
• Greatly improved performance


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