Arctime mac – 最强、最智能、最专业字幕软件 v1.0 Final

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Arctime for mac是一款 Mac 平台上的不错的开源字幕软件,Arctime for Mac是由国内公益组织开发的开源免费软件,是国内最强大、最智能、最专业的电影级字幕软件。
Arctime mac – 最强、最智能、最专业字幕软件 <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v1.0 Final</span>的预览图
Arctime是使用Java编写的跨平台字幕制作软件,是一款全新概念的可视化字幕编辑器,独创字幕块和多轨道概念,在时间线上拖动、调整字幕块即可轻松完成字幕创建工作。Arctime支持导出SRT、ASS、SUB、STL、LRC、VTT等格式字幕文件,并且可以面向非编、合成软件导出XML+PNG序列、fcpxml、Avid DS Cap等格式。Arctime支持独立的工程文件,可以保存整个工作空间的内容与设定。您还可以通过交换工程文件或者通过网络连接的方式与伙伴协同工作。字幕编辑完成后,仅需从菜单中选择“视频转码”,即可轻松完成字幕压制工作。Arctime的目标是让你轻松快速的制作出专业效果的字幕。
Arctime mac – 最强、最智能、最专业字幕软件 <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v1.0 Final</span>的预览图

Arctime is a cross platform software written in Java.It's free and open source.The unique subtitle block and multi track concept is introduced by Arctime to achieve max flexibility,which introduces a complete new concept of visually creating end editing subtitles,by simply clicking and dragging in the timeline.Arctime can import SRT subtitle,and can export many other subtitle formats.It uses it's own file format to save a project,and when you reopen the project,everything reloads back to the workspace.And you can cooperate with others by exchanging project files.When you done editing,just click"Burn Subtitle" button to hardcode subtitles into your movie.Or you're a pro video editor,you can use the "XML+PNG" format,to export subtitle png sequence into your NLEs.Or use "fcpxml" format to import into your FCPX,or use Avid DS Cap to import into AVID.The goal of Arctime is to make your work around subtitles be fun and efficient.


系统:mac 10.8及以上
版本:1.0 Final
测试电脑:MacBook Pro(Osx 10.12.1)


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