Window tidy Mac 强大的窗口分屏工具 v2.1.5(998)

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Window tidy for Mac是一款桌面窗口管理软件。
通过Window Tidy就可以简洁,轻松实现自动布置桌面的功能。

Window tidy Mac 强大的窗口分屏工具
所属分类:其它工具 平台:Mac Os | 系统:OS X 10.8及以上 大小:18.48MB | 语言:英文 | 授权:破解 最后更新:2019年07月13日


Window tidy mac破解版拥有直观的用户界面,独立网格设置,让您一下就看清所有的问题,不会出现窗口的重叠,Window tidy for mac默认预设了左边、右边、中间、全屏等,当然你还可以对窗口的布局进行自定义设置,如果网格的大小,数量等等。
Window tidy for Mac破解版破解介绍
Window Tidy让您快速、 轻松地在您的桌面可定制的网格,使用什么应用程序窗口的排列但拖放式 !当你想要重新定位窗口时,有没有热钥匙要记住或菜单,请单击,你简单地拖放到定制弹出窗口布局图标窗口和它将立即捕捉到该布局。
Window tidy for Mac破解版破解特色
1、直观的界面与 OS X 无缝集成。
2、布局可以添加、 删除和定制。
4、配置 Option 键,要么显示 / 隐藏版式图标,同时拖动。
9、奖金功能允许 windows 被捕获到粘贴板只是将它们拖至布局;


How many times have you had to keep switching between documents when you wished you could just see them all at the same time? For example, composing an email whilst referencing information on a spreadsheet and a pdf? The process of dragging and resizing these windows manually is very fiddly and time consuming. And then when you're done, you've got to move them all back! Step in Window Tidy.
Window Tidy lets you quickly and easily arrange your application windows on your Desktop onto a customisable grid using nothing but drag and drop! When you want to reposition a window, there are no hot-keys to remember or menus to click, you simply drag and drop the window onto customisable pop-up Layout Icon and it will instantly snap to that layout. It also works seamlessly over multiple monitors too!
You can create any number of layouts, each with it's own grid size, so in just a few seconds you can take control of your Desktop and get working more efficiently.
## Main Features ##
- Intuitive interface seamlessly integrates with OS X
- Layouts can be added, removed and customised
- Specify the look and position of the pop-up Layout Icons
- Configure the Option Key to either show / hide the Layout Icons whilst dragging
- Independent grid size for each layout
- Elegant multiple monitor support
- Menu option to move the active window to the current screen
- Quick Layout option for applying a new layout without adding it to the list
- Bonus feature allows windows to be captured to the pasteboard just by dragging them onto a layout
- Assign keyboard shortcuts to individual layouts for when using a mouse is not convenient
## Quick Layout ##
If you want to apply a different layout to a window, but don't intend to use it regularly you can apply a Quick Layout. This can be triggered from the Window Tidy menu or using a global hotkey. When triggered a window appears allowing you to quickly drag the grid area you want the active window to occupy, and when you release the mouse button the layout is applied.
## Multiple Monitor Support ##
When you drag a window onto another screen, the Layout Icons move to the new screen. When you drop the window on a Layout Icon the window is moved into position on the screen containing the layouts. Windows can be moved onto a new monitor and have a layout applied in one simple drag and drop movement.
If you have worked with multiple screens you may have found that occasionally windows get lost, perhaps because the screen they are on is currently switched off. We have provided a function to move the active window to the current screen to help you retrieve these lost windows.
Please note, Window Tidy is an assistive application and requires the system accessibility setting "Enable access for assistive devices" to be turned on. Window Tidy checks this setting and shows novice users how to adjust it if required.

Version 2.1.5:
– Fix for crash experienced by customers on older OS versions (pre 10.11)
– Fix for menu icon in dark mode


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文件下载 平台:Mac Os | 系统:OS X 10.8及以上 大小:18.48MB | 语言:英文 | 授权:破解
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