Substance 3D Painter Mac破解版 3D绘图软件 v8.3.0 build 2094

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Substance 3D Painter Mac破解版是一款专业3D绘画软件,创作者可通过该工具将纹理和材质直接应用到3D物体中,从而使其看起来更加逼真。有兴趣的朋友可以来试试哦!

Substance 3D Painter Mac破解版 3D绘图软件
所属分类:平面设计  大小1G-3G 系统:macOS 10.14或更高版本 大小:2.27GB | 语言: 多国语言[中文] | 授权:破解 最后更新:2023年03月13日


Substance 3D Painter mac破解版是知您网搜集到的Mac os系统上一款3D绘图软件,适用于各地创意专业人士的首选3D纹理应用程序。Painter可帮助您实现您想要的外观,从产品设计到逼真的游戏和视觉效果,为您的艺术注入活力。
Substance 3D Painter for Mac破解版功能介绍
为了进一步提高3D创造自由度,帮助3D创意人士释放创造力,Adobe推出知您网免费分享的Substance 3D Painter破解版Mac软件通常被称为3D界的Photoshop,创作者可通过该工具将纹理和材质直接应用到3D物体中,从而使其看起来更加逼真。
从高级画笔到能够自动适应模型的智能材质,知您网分享的Substance 3D Painter破解版Mac软件具有为3D资源绘制纹理所需的工具。为您的艺术作品注入活力。
Substance 3D Painter for Mac破解版功能特色
3D绘图软件下载,知您网分享Substance 3D Painter破解版拥有为3D资产制作纹理所需的工具,从高级画笔到自动适应模型的智能材料。为您的艺术注入活力。
知您网分享的Substance 3D Painter破解版广泛用于游戏和电影制作以及产品设计、时尚和建筑。这是一款适用于各地创意专业人士的首选3D纹理应用程序。
Painter 可帮助您实现所需的外观,从产品设计到逼真的游戏和视觉效果,再到程式化动画等项目。

Substance 3D Painter for Mac破解软件功能视频赏析



Substance 3D Painter has the tools you need to texture your 3D assets, from advanced brushes to Smart Materials that automatically adapt to your model. Breathe life into your art.
The industry standard.
Substance 3D Painter is widely used in game and movie production as well as in product design, fashion, and architecture. It’s a go-to 3D texturing app for creative professionals everywhere.
Full creative freedom.
Painter helps you achieve the look you want, from product design to realistic games and visual effects to projects such as stylized animation.
Smart tools for enhanced artistry.
Use Smart Materials that adjust to any object to show realistic surface detail or wear and tear. Explore mask presets that adapt to any shape, and paint with efficient, dynamic tools.
What you see is what you get.
The state-of-the-art viewport in Painter shows all your artistic decisions in real time. Iterate on complex materials with advanced lighting and shadows, making texturing even more creative and painless. You can even preview your model in the included path tracing mode.
It’s nondestructive.
In Painter, every action and stroke is recorded, and can be recomputed at any time. This means you can change the resolution of your project at any time without ever decreasing quality, or even modify existing paint strokes.

Version 8.3.0:
Summary: Major release with new baking mode, new import and export of USD files, and physical size support for UV projection
[Baking Mode] New baking mode dedicated to baking process
[Baking Mode] Set shortcut to switch to baking mode to F8
[Baking Mode] Add Start and Cancel baking button in the viewport
[Baking Mode] Add baking selection in Texture Set list
[Baking Mode] Add new Mesh Map Bakers window to select bakers
[Baking Mode] Add new Mesh Map Settings window to edit baking settings
[Baking Mode] Add new Baking Log window to follow baking process
[Baking Mode] Add baking parameters and undo actions to history window
[Baking Mode] Add breadcrumbs in Mesh Map Settings
[Baking Mode] Add mesh maps thumbnails in the Mesh Map Bakers window
[Baking Mode] Add visualization settings collapsible menu in 3D viewport
[Baking Mode] Add visualization setting to show/hide the high-poly mesh
[Baking Mode] Add visualization setting to show/hide the cage mesh and wireframe
[Baking Mode] Add visualization setting to show/hide the low-poly mesh
[Baking Mode] Add visualization setting to show hard edges without UV seams as errors
[Baking Mode] Inform in viewport about mesh and bake errors if Baking Log is not visible
[Baking Mode] Add action to synchronize baker settings across all Texture Sets
[Baking Mode] Add actions to copy and paste baker settings
[Baking Mode] Add button in Baking Log to jump from error to the right settings
[Baking Mode] Add menus to manage Texture Sets and Baker selections
[Baking Mode] Split baker selection list per Texture Set
[Baking Mode] Split common settings per Texture Set
[Baking mode] Load high-poly and cage meshes without freezing the interface
[Baking Mode] Use the viewport progress bar to show mesh loading
[Baking Mode] Add mesh loading state in Baking Log
[Baking Mode] Allow to turn around mesh in viewport during baking
[Baking Mode] Set baking order based on current mesh viewport visibility
[Baking Mode] Display implicit baking cage in viewport
[Baking Mode] Show matching list of mesh names for Matching By Name in Baking Log
[Baking Mode] Use neutral material to display 3D model in viewport
[Baking Mode] Disable engine computation while in baking mode
[Baking Mode] Display a warning when quitting the app while a bake is in progress
[Bakers] Update anti-aliasing setting labels
[Bakers] Update bakers to version 2.5.7.
[USD] Import and export Universal Scene Description (USD) files
[USD] Add USD options to the New Project window when selecting a USD file
[USD] Add new Scope and Variants selection window
[USD] Add subdivision levels option
[USD] Import USD skinned meshes at specific frame
[USD][Export] Add an option to export USD files
[USD][Export] Add USD file format to mesh export
[USD] Rename the existing “USD PBR Metal Roughness” export preset to be more explicit
[Auto Unwrap] Add Lock orientation for packing
[Physical Size] Add setting to automatically use Physical Size in fill effect/layer
[Physical Size] Expose physical size for UV projection
[Scripting][Python] Allow to query the application version
[Scripting][JavaScript] Update API to match new baking parameters
[Scripting][Python] Baking module: edit baking parameters
[Scripting][Python] Baking module: launch/cancel baking
[Scripting][Python] Baking module: select curvature method
[Scripting][Python] Baking module: selection of bakers/uv tiles
[Scripting][Python] Baking module: synchronize baker settings across all Texture Sets
[SVT] Enable sparse hardware support on AMD GPUs
[Projection] Rename Cylindrical projection parameters
[Project] Save application version in project and retrieve it via scripting
[Import] Improve general import time of 3D models

[Crash] Changing channels on filter with specific stack
[Mac][M1] Crash when creating a fill layer and leaving the layer stack
[Scripting][Python] Crash when using ui.add_dock_widget() with wrong type
[Baking] Incomplete error message in log when a bake fails
[Baking] Memory is not freed when baking is finished
[Engine] Texture cache doesn’t update when changing effect visibility
[Export] 2D View exports randomly uniform map
[Project] Memory allocation error when saving project with big mesh
[Viewport] TAA causes artifacts when painting in some cases
Known Issues:
[Color Management] HDR color space conversions with ACE on Linux produce clamped colors
[Layer Stack] Input source not saved per layer


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