Website Watchman Mac破解版 网站内容监控工具 v3.3.1(3.3.11)

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知您网分享的Website Watchman Mac破解软件可在本地运行,带有专有格式。使用Website Watchman破解版您可以计划每小时,每天,每周,每月扫描整个网站的一部分或单个页面。

Website Watchman Mac破解版 网站内容监控工具
所属分类:办公软件  小于50M 系统:macOS 10.13或更高版本 大小:11.18MB | 语言:英文 | 授权:破解 最后更新:2023年06月18日


Website Watchman mac破解版是知您网搜集到的Mac os系统上一款由TNT破解网站内容监控工具,Website Watchman破解版可以帮助你监视整个网站、网站的一部分或单个页面,并且为多个站点/页面设置配置。
Website Watchman for Mac破解版功能介绍
知您网官网分享的Website Watchman Mac破解软件是一款专业的网站监控应用,用户只需将要监控的网站添加到应用中,即可进行快速扫描,它可以支持监控整个网站、部分网站或单个页面。
Website Watchman for Mac破解版功能特色

  • 监控整个网站、网站的一部分或单个页面
  • 为多个站点/页面设置配置
  • 安排每小时、每天、每周、每月扫描
  • 收到任何更改、可见文本、源代码或页面资源更改的警报
  • 注意竞争对手页面/网站的每一次更改
  • 在本地运行,而不是云服务。拥有自己的数据。
  • 随着时间的推移构建存档,包括对页面、图像、样式表和 js 的所有更改
  • 查看并能够展示页面在特定日期的样子
  • 查看历史页面的“实时”版本,而不是屏幕截图
  • 在页面版本之间切换以进行比较
  • 将历史页面导出为图像或所有文件的集合
  • 导出整个站点,保留给定日期的所有文件,或进行处理以制作站点的可浏览本地副本。



Monitor, archive, go back in time.. Website Watchman Crack is an easy to use website archival utility.

  • Monitor a whole website, part of a website or a single page
  • Set up configs for multiple sites / pages
  • Schedule hourly, daily, weekly, monthly scan
  • Be alerted to any changes, visible text, source code or changes to the page’s resources
  • View and be able to demonstrate what a page looked like on a particular date
  • Be aware of every change to a competitor’s page / site
  • Runs locally, not a cloud service. Own your own data.
  • An archive is kept, including all changes to pages, images, style sheets and js
  • View a ‘living’ version of a historical page, not a screenshot
  • Switch between versions of the page to compare them
  • Export a historical page as image or collection of all of its files
  • Export the entire site, preserving all files as they were on a given date, or processed to make a browsable local copy of the site


Version 3.0:

  • Adds Preference: Prevent scheduled scans if on battery or UPS power
  • Consolidates ‘Monitor only’ and ‘Don’t archive / compare all linked files’ into ‘Monitor only’. No longer archives images if this setting is on. (Changes to images will still be reported as long as the image url changes. Pages may look broken in the archive browser or at least devoid of images)


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