MovieIcon Mac – 电影文件封面自动匹配工具 v2.9.50

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MovieIcon Mac – 电影文件封面自动匹配工具 <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v2.9.50</span>
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MovieIcon是知您网搜集到的mac os系统上一款可以编辑视频文件的封面图片的工具软件,只需将视频文件拖动到MovieIcon Mac版使其搜索其在互联网的标题,并改变它无聊的文件图标,取而代之的是实际电影艺术封面,MovieIcon使用IMDb和TMDb数据库自动搜索所有可用的海报的标题,无论他们是电影或电视节目。
*应用程序将嵌入封面艺术到iTunes / AppleTV兼容电影(仅狮子或更高版本)
*一次查找海报艺术为多个电影 - 单次和批次搜索


MovieIcon is a simple Mac application designed to automatically apply movie-poster images retrieved from the Internet as icons to your video files, helping you to keep your collection with the sleek style you expect from a Mac.

  • Easy to use. Just drag a file or folder into the window (or add it from Finder Services menu) and MovieIcon immediately will select the video files, search the movie title in TMDb, an open free movie database, and retrieve cover art information for you. MovieIcon uses the file name as title to search so you don’t need to have any metadata in your video files.
  • The place to be. You can select the right movie if title search returns several matches. Your choice. Browse through the images found for a movie title and choose the one you want to apply to your file.
  • Taking control. No luck in your search?. You can type the exact terms to search till you get the desired movie, choose among 42 generic covers or even add your own image manually.
  • One click… or less. Once you have selected the desired image, all you need to do is click Apply button to have a nice file icon. You can apply the image to the current movie file or the whole batch of files dragged. You can even set the Apply images automatically preference to let MovieIcon apply the first image found for you.


Version 2.9.50:

  • Bug fixes


MovieIcon Mac – 电影文件封面自动匹配工具 <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v2.9.50</span>的预览图MovieIcon Mac – 电影文件封面自动匹配工具 <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v2.9.50</span>的预览图MovieIcon Mac – 电影文件封面自动匹配工具 <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v2.9.50</span>的预览图MovieIcon Mac – 电影文件封面自动匹配工具 <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v2.9.50</span>的预览图


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