Flexiglass Mac v1.6.2

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Flexiglass for mac是Mac os平台上的一款非常不错的帮助用户管理自己电脑窗口的软件,Flexiglass for Mac这款软件不仅仅提供了基本的通过拖拽和快捷键自动调整窗口大小和位置的 Aero Snap 功能,还提供了双击标题栏最大化、改变左上角关闭和最大化按钮功能。
 Flexiglass Mac <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v1.6.2</span>的预览图
1、Flexiglass这款软件不仅仅提供了基本的通过拖拽和快捷键自动调整窗口大小和位置的 Aero Snap 功能,还提供了双击标题栏最大化、改变左上角关闭和最大化按钮功能、触控板支持等功能,虽说都是一些小功能,但在某些时刻非常的有用,如习惯了点击标题栏关闭按钮去关闭应用的用户,就可以通过这款软件将Mac系统默认仅关闭窗口但不关闭应用的关闭按钮功能修改为和Windows系统一样。
Flexiglass Mac <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v1.6.2</span>的预览图 
2、通常,当您想要移动或调整在Mac上一个窗口,你被它的标题栏或右下角的限制。 Flexiglass使更舒适的窗口管理。要快速移动或调整活动窗口只需将鼠标光标放在它,按自定义键,开始拖动窗口左或右鼠标按钮。
Flexiglass Mac <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v1.6.2</span>的预览图

Flexiglass enables some of the missing features in Mac OS X window management and offers an extremely convenient way to move, resize, maximize, and close windows on a Mac with a mouse, trackpad and keyboard.
Flexiglass Mac <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v1.6.2</span>的预览图
// Move & Resize
- Usually, when you want to move or resize a window on a Mac you are limited by its title bar or lower-right corner. Flexiglass enables more comfortable window management. To quickly move or resize the active window just place the mouse cursor over it, press definable key and start dragging windows with left or right mouse button.

// Quick Layouts
- If you used to work with more than one window at a time Flexiglass will help you to arrange windows on your screen any way you like. Just move a window to the right, left or top, and it will automatically resize and move itself to fill the half of the screen or full screen.

// Quick Layout Shortcuts
- User-defined shortcuts allow users to move windows to the right, left, top and bottom halves of the screen or to maximize them to full screen and back to original size.

// Multitouch Trackpad & Mouse
- You can use finger gestures on your macbook trackpad or Magic trackpad to move and resize. Flexiglass is able to save different settings for a trackpad and a mouse and automatically change them when you plug or unplug devices.

// Double-click to Zoom
- Double-click on window title bar is the easiest way to expand it to full screen.

// Real Zoom & Real Close
- You can change the default behavior of standard Mac OS X buttons. Right-click on the green Zoom button will maximize a window to full screen. Right-click on Close window button will quit the whole application.
Flexiglass Mac <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v1.6.2</span>的预览图
Version 1.6.2:
- Startup issues fixed


系统:mac 10.6.6及以上
测试电脑:MacBook Pro(Osx 10.12.1)
开发商:Nulana LTD


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