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Cockos REAPER for mac是一款Mac平台的专业的音频录制及编辑处理工具,包含多轨录音、音频混缩、MIDI编辑与母带处理等多项功能。软件采用64位音频引擎,支持目前流行的各类DX、VST音频插件与软音源,并自带多个品质出色的音频效果器。
Cockos Reaper mac的预览图
Cockos Reaper mac的预览图
Cockos Reaper mac的预览图

Cockos Reaper is a digital audio workstation: a complete multitrack audio and MIDI recording, editing, processing, mixing, and mastering environment. Cockos Reaper is designed to let you work quickly and creatively, without imposing any artificial limits on what you can do. It includes professional plugins, advanced customization, and compatibility with almost any hardware. It supports both VST and AU plugins.

Trial download is unrestricted and has no time limit. Discount license for personal or educational use is $60. Commercial license is $225 for those using REAPER commercially and making over $20,000 revenue per year.
Cockos Reaper mac的预览图
Version 5.201
fixed RenderFileSection() return value
plugin extensions can register MIDI/OSC learn-able actions
plugin extensions can register actions in any section
plugin extensions can register toggle actions in any section
fixed browse for directory issues
fixed Screensets/Layouts shortcut issues
allowed localization of toolbar names
various fixes
fix for FX browser context menu issues on secondary monitors
fixed timing issues with looped PDC+MIDI
optional auto-positioning of FX chains and floating FX windows, improved default positioning
added support for reading various media types that REAPER supports (including FLAC, WavPack, etc)
gfx_arc() overdraw fixes
MIDI editor:
display on/off states in the action list when relevant
added action to show list of MIDI note name files at cursor
list recent note name files in File/Customize note names menu
Mouse modifiers:
added separate context for marker/region lanes (above the timeline)
added new scroll/zoom actions
Render wildcards:
improved support for abbreviated wildcards to match older versions
hardened $itemnumber wildcard
changes to timeline appearance, customizable distance between timeline text labels
new minimal-beats view mode
separate theme colors for measure vs other markings
fixed possible crash on exit when using RX2 files
fixed multiproject related stability issues (JeffOS is awesome)
reverted change from 4611 which caused some VSTs to crash on exit
Actions: fixed typo in "Go to end/start of loop" action names
Envelopes: cut/paste respects project and track timebase
MIDI: fixed various timing problems with playback, display, and export when the user creates a project tempo map containing partial measures
Preferences: consolidated TCP, VU meter, and fader preferences onto one page
ReaScript: avoid excess Undo_OnStateChange() calls and stale undo blocks for non-deferred scripts
Toolbars: allow customizing the names of builtin toolbars
VST: fixed MIDI output disable mode


系统:mac 10.5及以上
测试电脑:MacBook Pro(Osx 10.11.5)
开发商:Realmac Software Ltd.


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