CameraBag Cinema mac v1.0.500

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CameraBag Cinema mac版是Mac平台上的一款专业的图像处理工具。CameraBag Cinema Mac版为专业人士设计,提供视频滤波,色彩校正,电影和仿真效果处理。
CameraBag Cinema mac <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v1.0.500</span>的预览图
CameraBag Cinema Mac版为用户提供了专业视频和图像处理,直观的界面和工作流程,电影处理颜色的预置工具以及先进的调光工具,先进的色彩调整工具。
CameraBag Cinema mac <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v1.0.500</span>的预览图
CameraBag Cinema Mac版为专业人士设计,提供视频滤波,色彩校正,电影和仿真效果处理。经过CameraBag处理的照片,使得该应用获得了苹果年度应用的亚军。

Designed for professionals, CameraBag Cinema offers video filtering, color correction, and film emulation, all in a stand-alone package (which can be used alongside Final Cut, Premier, or any other NLE). It’s built around the core principles and technology of CameraBag Photo, which was chosen by Apple as Mac App Of The Year runner-up.

Professional Video And Image Processing
? 32-bits-per-channel Analog Engine offers unparalleled image quality
? Lightweight, instant-open standalone editing
? Easily use alongside Final Cut, Premier, or any other NLE
? Filter import/export via 3D LUT
? Over 200 carefully-crafted and fully-adjustable presets to start
? Advanced color and light adjustments found nowhere else
? Supports 4K+ RED R3D files natively
? RAW photo support

Intuitive Interface And Workflow
? Tile-based adjustments show everything affecting the image
? Non-destructive editing and re-ordering of effects
? Easy preview rendering with instant cancel-and-view
? Live, animated adjustment previews
? Multi-threaded render queue
? Batch processing for images and videos

Film and Color Presets
? Hundreds of carefully-crafted film recreations and color styles, including:
? Motion and still film stock simulations
? Film tones and film processing technique simulations
? Wide array of black and white and color essentials
? Color Correction presets tuned to specific issues
? Matte, Filtered BW, Monocolor, Vintage, and other color styles

Advanced Light Adjustment Tools Include:
? RGB-based Tone Curve
? Luminance-based Tone Curve
? HSV Value-based Tone Curve
? HSL Lightness-based Tone Curve
? Gamma Curve
? Luminance Contrast
? Shadows and Highlights
? Dynamics
? Brightness

Advanced Color Adjustment Tools Include:
? Coloring (Colorize, Tint, Color Filter, Dye, Color Balance, Screen, Multiply)
? Coloring Curve (Colorize, Tint, Color Filter, Dye, Color Balance, Screen, Multiply)
? R,G,B Separated Curves
? Individual Component Curves (Red, Green, Blue, Red+Green, Green+Blue, Blue+Red)
? Hue Saturation Curves
? Hue Shift Curves
? Hue Brightness Curves
? Split Tone
? Color Balance
? Color Mixer
? Filtered B+W

Basic Tools
? Basic adjustments including Crop/Straighten, Exposure, Contrast, Saturation, and Temperature
? Photographic adjustments including Vignette, Grain, Sharpen, Blur, and Circular Blur
? Multi Tool which combines Exposure, Contrast, and Saturation into a single tile
? Borders (Basic, Fill, and Image)
? Watermarking
? Dead Pixel Correction
? Cube LUT import and export
CameraBag Cinema mac <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v1.0.500</span>的预览图
Version 1.0.500:
Fixed a bug where loading of some vertically-oriented videos would load incorrectly
Fixed a bug where some r3d files would cause a crash when finishing saving
Fixed a bug where some ProRes files would load incorrectly


系统:mac 10.9及以上
测试电脑:MacBook Pro(Osx 10.11.5)
开发商:Nevercenter Ltd. Co.


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