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airWord Pro is a powerful and versatile word processor that create and edit Microsoft Word, Open Document, plain text, rich text, HTML, and other kinds of documents. airWord Pro lets you create, edit, save all kinds of text documents; lets you format your documents as you like; lets you add photo, music or even movie to your documents; lets you add tables and lists in you documents, and, make your working easy.

Amazing Function:
?Set Background Color — 6 kind of suitable colors are listed in tools panel and you can choose the favorite background style when you input word.
?Write with Full Screen — Full screen makes you focus attention on writing and ignore other things irrelevant to writing.
?Slide to setting — Sliding to setting is an evolutionary and creative approach compared the traditional way. Which reduces times and effort.

Essential Function:
?Continuously Save Documents – airWord Pro can save your documents continuously as you work on them. If you want, explicitly save a document to name it, save it in a certain location, or save a particular version. airWord Pro can also save your documents as pdfs easily.
?Create Documents – airWord Pro can create a new documents or a documents based on an existing document.
?Open, Duplicate, Rename – airWord Pro can open documents you created in airWord Pro. You can also open documents in other apps such as Microsoft Word. airWord Pro also can duplicate and save current documents to other kinds of documents.

Edit Documents:
?Set Fonts – airWord Pro can edit fonts in documents you opened with it. Use the toolbar buttons to set a font, typeface, font size and text color.
?Apply a text style – airWord Pro can apply a style from the paragraph styles menu on the left side of the toolbar.
?Add Special Characters – you can press “Special Characters” button to add special characters to your documents.
?Adjust paragraph alignment – you can adjust paragraph alignment in your documents with clicking an alignment button.

Check Spelling and Grammar Automatically:
?Check Spelling and Grammar – you can check you documents manually or automatically.
?Correct Spelling – airWord Pro can check and correct you spelling when you input words in your documents.

Find and Replace Text:
?Enter and Search Words – you can insert a special search pattern by choosing insert Pattern from the Find/Replace field menu.
?Refine your searching – you can also search text with ignoring case, wrapping around, containing, starting with and full word.
?Replace text – you can input the replacement text and replace one or all occurrence.

More Functions:
?Supported 8 kinds of document formats – airWord supports Microsoft Word 2007, Microsoft Word 2003, Microsoft Word 97, Open Documents, Web Archive, HTML Documents, Rich Text and Plain Text Formats.
?Add Tables – you can add tables from the menu bar and organize info in your document.

Work with HTML Documents:
?Create an HTML File – you can enter the HTML code in airWord with a plain text format.
?View HTML Code in an existing file – you can view the HTML code in airWord if you open the document and ignore rich text commands.
?Open HTML file in Code-Editing mode – you also can open you documents with displaying HTML files as HTML code.

Control Document Versions:
?Version history – you can view you history versions you stored with airWord.
?Restore Documents – with airWord, you can restore your history documents when you need.

Insert Pictures and Tables:
?Insert Pictures – you can insert pictures with dragging images from finder or pressing Attach button.
?Insert Tables – you also can insert tables in your documents and edit it.
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Version 1.1:

  • Fixed some bugs;
  • Usability improvements;
  • More functions;


系统:mac 10.7及以上
测试电脑:MacBook Pro(Osx 10.11.3)
开发商:airWord Development Team.


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