Switch 3 mac v3.1(6179)

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Switch mac版是Mac平台上的一款视频编辑实用工具。Switch Mac版是用户在Mac平台上的检查和改正所有媒体文件的「唯一工具」。
Switch 3 mac <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v3.1(6179)</span>的预览图
Switch Mac版的播放功能用于所有媒体的文件,包括字幕和字幕的播放。支持检查视频性能,音频性能,字幕,外部预览和响度监测。用户可以进行视频的更改,裁剪,缩放或裁剪媒体。重新排列音轨。更改音箱分配和重新包装或编码媒体。
Switch 3 mac <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v3.1(6179)</span>的预览图
支持选择iTunes导出预设创建包分发给iTunes商店。为用户带来专业音响的响度监测,外部预览 AJA 设备,并为播放字幕支持,软件提供了专业媒体的质量控制的一个负担得起的软件解决方案。
Switch 3 mac <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v3.1(6179)</span>的预览图

Switch is a media playback, inspection, and conversion tool for professionals that gives you everything you need to play, inspect, and correct your multiformat media in one easy-to-use application.
Switch 3 mac <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v3.1(6179)</span>的预览图
Version 3.1:
// Improvements
- Improved subtitle format support including PAC, Lambda CAP, and Ruby Text from WebVTT.
- Added support for ‘MJPG’ variant of Motion JPEG.
- Redundant audio tracks are no longer merged when using external preview
- Added a preference in the Display tab that allows the user to decide whether or not Switch should perform an exhaustive search for captions. It defaults to only checking the first few samples and if no captions are found, the searching stops. This dramatically increases playback performance, particularly over the network, at the cost of not displaying captions in some files where the captions don’t appear until later in the movie. This preference can be changed at any time and does not require reopening the file or relaunching Switch.
- Trimmed MPEG-2 Transport Stream exports will now periodically repeat the PAT/PMT in order to support some third-party software.
- Added support for drag and drop of STL subtitle files onto the secondary subtitle section of the inspector.
- Switch will now tolerate malformed ‘udat’ atoms in MP4 and MOV files.
- Switch now allows for adjusting the synchronization of secondary SCC subtitle files.
- Offline activations now only need to be done once per computer rather than once per user.

// Fixes
- Fixed a bug that caused the AAC bitrate to revert to 160 kbps when selecting a different track.
- Fixed a bug that caused a crash when opening multiple files on Windows 10 with external preview.
- Fixed several bugs that prevented the compressor’s quality and standard popup menus from being populated if the presentation was changed before the views were loaded.
- Fixed a bug that prevented the preservation of captions when doing a pass-through export if the captions were contained in the source file but not the video essence.
- Fixed a bug that caused captions to drift out of synchronization over time.
- Fixed a bug that caused a crash when opening a CPL file from a 4K IMF package.
- Offline activations no longer expire after ten days.
- Fixed a bug that caused display problems with some MXF XDCAM files.
- Fixed a bug that caused frame-wrapped MXF OP-Atom PCM audio to play as static.
- Fixed a playback problem with AVC files whose GOPs have chains of references.
- Fixed a bug that caused display errors with STL subtitle files that include user data.
- Fixed a bug that caused loss of audio/video synchronization in H.264 MPEG-2 Transport Streams with empty audio packets.
- Fixed a bug that caused misidentification of file dominance in some MP4 files.
- Fixed a crash when attempting to resize to a height greater than 4320 pixels.
- Fixed a bug that caused exported files to be unusable when doing frame rate conversion from source files with non-standard timescales.
- Fixed a bug that prevented exporting of the current frame from files whose video decompressor’s create Packed 4:2:2 UYVY in BT.709.
- Fixed a bug that prevented the creation of chapters when using certain source files.
- Fixed a bug that prevented the exporting of certain HEVC MPEG-2 Transport Streams.
- Fixed a bug that caused some exported MP4 and MOV files to be larger than necessary if their source files used a large timescale.
- Fixed a bug that caused some AVI files to misreport their scanning and field dominance.
- Fixed a bug that prevented the export of the current video frame when external preview was enabled.
- Fixed a bug that prevented dragging and dropping of secondary subtitle files with capitalized extensions.
- Fixed a bug that caused all prior exports to be labeled as "Canceled" when pressing the Cancel button on the export progress dialog.
- Fixed a crash on Windows when using external preview with certain frame dimensions.

// Known Issues
- Frames with long durations make time display appear to stall because it always shows the presentation time of the current frame.
- ASF files with variable frame rate display incorrect frame rate in the inspector.
- Detection of interlaced content in Windows Media files is not currently supported.
WMV sources exported to H.264 in either MPEG-2 TS or PS containers can results in A/V synchronization problems.
- Publishing settings are lost when canceling to edit settings to meet requirements.
- In the Mac App Store version of Switch, when opening a file that references other files, such as QuickTime Reference Movies or IMF XML files, Switch will prompt the user to explicitly give permission to open each of the referenced files in order to satisfy the sandbox security requirements. Users who purchase Switch directly from Telestream will not have to perform these additional steps.
- Users who purchase Switch Plus from the Mac App Store and then decode to purchase Switch Pro are not offered upgrade pricing, but instead must pay full price.


系统:mac 10.10及以上
测试电脑:MacBook Pro(Osx 10.12.1)
开发商:Telestream LLC.


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