Surge mac – 网络开发与调试工具 v2.1.3

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Surge for mac是一款专业的代理设置工具。新版的Surgefor Mac已经支持SOCKS代理,现在只需到“系统网络设置-代理”下勾选“SOCKS 代理”,然后在SOCKS代理服务器中填入127.0.0.1,端口填写6153,就能自动支持 Mail.app收发Gmail,无需更改.surge.conf 文件,由Surge直接进行SOCKS代理服务。
Surge mac – 网络开发与调试工具 <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v2.1.3</span>的预览图
Surge Mac版灵巧的智能分流设计一直倍受广大果粉欢迎,多服务器与分组是他的强项,不过在2.0之前,我们还需要在 .conf文件里配置好才能运行软件,这次更新开发者将整个配置过程放到了一个叫「Dashboard」的图形界面,对于许多初级用户来说直观了不少。2.0 版本不光可以控制本机的流量,也可以通过局域网控制其他机器(虚拟机)或是通过USB数据线连接上iOS设备,控制其启用Surge。(在Menubar菜单)找到Dashboard即可调用New Dashboard窗口建立连接控制)
- Surge的工作原理:
Surge包含两个主要的工作模块,一个是Surge proxy server,还有一个是Surge TUN interface,对于普通的 HTTP 访问请求来讲,Surge proxy server完全可以搞定,而对于像Mail.app这种不会遵守系统代理规定的应用程序,由于他们需要使用Raw TCP Socket,所以必须经过 Surge TUN interface,但目前这个 TUN 接口仅仅支持 TCP 协议,UDP、ICMP 协议包将被自动遗弃。


Surge is a web developer and proxy utility tool. This app is designed for developers and may need certain level of professional knowledge to use.
Surge mac – 网络开发与调试工具 <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v2.1.3</span>的预览图
// Features
- High Performance & Stability: With industrial-grade stability, Surge is capable of constantly running with high performance, yet it only occupies minimum system resources. It will perfectly handle all the traffic and leave you worry-free.
- Flexible Rule System: You may setup proxy forwarding rules based on domain, IP CIDR, GEOIP, etc. Surge will automatically send the requests to another proxy server. HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS5/SOCKS5-TLS proxy protocols are all supported.
- HTTPS Decryption: HTTPS traffic can be decrypted by MitM. Certificate generator will help you generate CA certificate for debugging and make the certificate trusted by system.
- Local DNS Mapping: Surge supports local-customized DNS mapping. Its multiple functional modules, including wildcard, alias and custom DNS server, will be able to fulfill varied needs.
- Proxy Group: You may categorize several proxies as a group and a policy will be employed in accordance with the grouping. Proxy group can be configured as Auto Speed Test (select policy based on benchmarking URL access speed), SSID (select policy based on WiFi SSID), and manual-select.
- HTTP Rewrite: Rewrite the HTTP/HTTPS request to another URL based on customized rules, or simply block the request;
- External Controller: Surge can be managed by remote machine via surge-cli or Surge Dashboard.
- Full IPv6 Support: All functions work in IPv6 environment since version 2.0.0.


系统:mac 10.7及以上
测试电脑:MacBook Pro(Osx 10.12.1)


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1、百度网盘 | 2、微云下载

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