Stellar Volume Optimizer Mac – 磁盘优化和修复工具 v2.0.0.3

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Stellar Volume Optimizer是一款Mac上优秀的磁盘修复、检测、优化工具,功能强大,能够帮助修复大量磁盘问题,很不错!

Stellar Volume Optimizer Mac – 磁盘优化和修复工具 <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v2.0.0.3</span>
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Stellar Volume Optimizer是知您网搜集到的mac os x系统上一款磁盘错误检查和修复优化工具,Stellar Volume Optimizer非常实用的磁盘优化和健康管理工具,能够帮助我们的磁盘适中属于0错误状态。

  • 修复损坏的Mac磁盘分卷
  • 重建受损的Mac OS目录
  • 修复Mac OS X所有磁盘分卷错误
  • 验证磁盘引导卷的权限
  • 支持OS X Yosemite



The Disk Utility application that comes by default within Mac OS X, is designed to help you verify and repair disk permissions, to create RAID sets, or to restore disk images.
However, there are many other third party software solutions designed to help you deal with corrupted or damaged disks, such as the Stellar Volume Optimizer application. Among other things, the utility is designed to rebuild the directory that stores data about your files, folders, installed applications, and so on.

Easy to install disk repair tool featuring an intuitive workflow
To be able to launch the Stellar Volume Optimizer application, you must start by copying the utility to your Applications directory. The app’s capabilities are focused around 3 functions: you can enable / disable the journaling for non-boot volumes, you can verify / repair disk permissions for bootable disks, and you can rebuild the volume directory.

You can easily access each tool by pressing the appropriate button from the Stellar Volume Optimizer’s main window. Moreover, you can also use the Stellar Volume Optimizer app to quickly create a bootable DMG for your system, which can be restored via the Disk Utility app.

Streamlined solutions for rebuilding volume directories, and repairing disk permissions
Due to its clean and organized user interface, working with Stellar Volume Optimizer is fairly intuitive: simply select the action you want to perform and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the task.

Noteworthy is that Stellar Volume Optimizer cannot work with exFAT file systems, with systems that have encrypted drive partitions or a system drive partition, or with USB drives that do not use the HFS+ file system. Since the app does not check for new volumes in real time, you must restart the app to be able to process a newly connected drive.

User friendly software solution that enables you to effortlessly repair damaged disks
Stellar Volume Optimizer comes with a collection of easy to use yet powerful tools that can help you deal with disk errors. The app allows you to quickly toggle the volume journaling functions, can verify and repair disk permissions, and can rebuild volume directories in an attempt to eliminate all the disk errors.


Stellar Volume Optimizer Mac – 磁盘优化和修复工具 <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v2.0.0.3</span>的预览图


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