征服之歌songs of conquest Mac破解版 回合制战略游戏 v0.98.1_187fc9a692

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征服之歌songs of conquest由Lavapotion开发的像素风回合制策略游戏,是一款融合了角色扮演、武装冲突和王国管理元素的经典回合制战略冒险游戏。玩家在游戏中可以驾驭古代魔法,厉兵秣马、拓土开疆,铸就游吟诗人可万世传颂的帝国伟业!

征服之歌songs of conquest Mac破解版 回合制战略游戏
所属分类:策略游戏  大小1G-3G 适配:macOS 10.13或更高 大小:1.52GB | 语言: 多国语言[中文] | 授权:破解 最后更新:2024年04月20日
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征服之歌songs of conquest mac破解版是知您网搜集到的Mac os系统上一款回合制战略游戏,以像素艺术风格呈现。玩家将扮演领导一个王国的君主,探索广阔的地图,建立城市,招募英雄和部队,并参与战斗。游戏中有丰富的资源管理、城市建设和战略决策要素,玩家需要平衡发展经济、科技和军事力量。同时,游戏还提供了多样化的任务和故事情节,让玩家体验到独特的冒险和探索乐趣。

征服之歌songs of conquest Mac破解版游戏设定

这次知您网带来的征服之歌songs of conquest破解游戏回合制战略游戏,灵感来源于 90 年代的经典作品。领导名为“行使者”的强大魔法师们,踏上未知土地上的历险之旅。讨伐不知自量的顽敌,猎取蕴含强力的神器,整个世界正静待你征服!游戏以像素风格的2D图形呈现,玩家可以在一个幻想的中世纪世界中探索和征服。

在知您网软件分享的songs of conquest破解游戏中,玩家将扮演一位领主,负责建设自己的王国并与其他玩家竞争。玩家需要管理资源、招募士兵、建造城市和扩展领土。同时,玩家还可以派遣英雄进行探险,寻找宝藏和战利品。



知您网分享的Songs of Conquest破解游戏以其精美的像素艺术风格、深入的游戏机制和丰富的内容而备受期待。无论你是喜欢策略游戏还是喜欢探险和战斗的玩家,这款游戏都能带给你无尽的乐趣和挑战。

征服之歌songs of conquest Mac破解版游戏特色



Songs of Conquest Crack is a turn-based strategy game inspired by classics from the nineties. Control strong sorcerer Overlords and travel across uncharted lands. Defeat those who dare to challenge you. Collect powerful artifacts. Make the world fall at your feet!
Adventure awaits
Explore a variety of maps with a variety of opponents and valuable loot. Unique enemies, landscapes and battlefields await you in different biomes.
Build an empire
Allocate resources wisely, conduct research and expand your boundaries. Customize the cities for yourself: do you prefer brute force, witchcraft, or a little bit of everything? There are many different paths to greatness.
Deep combat system with unique fighter abilities and powerful magic. Unite troops to inflict a crushing blow on the enemy. Block passages and occupy heights - turn the battlefield into your ally.
Built-in level editor
The level editor allows you to create your own adventures using the developer's tools. Create campaign and scenario maps, write event scripts and dialogues, set up musical accompaniment and share the result with the world!
Four factions
Four powerful factions came together in battle for the fate of the world. Knights of ancient Arleon, fighting for the royal throne. Rana tribes that have survived for centuries in the dangerous swamps. Necromancers Lot, creating a wonderful future through the resurrection of the dead. Mercenaries and inventors of Barium, who value money and independence above all else.
Chorus of voices
The bards will sing of your path to glory. Each campaign has a unique song that tells the story of your ups and downs. New verses are unlocked with each mission, and the full version of the ballad awaits at the end.
Version 0.91:
Important note
Due to internal serialization changes, some of the (mainly) campaign saves will be invalidated with this version, You can access the old version in a separate Steam branch or start the map again! We are sorry for the inconvenience
Notable additions
• Multiplayer settings menu now also available in hotseat
• Added Waypoint behaviorfor Al Wielders
• Improved Ai behavior when its unable to avoid a threat, now it uses Settlements or Portals
• Improved Gamepad Support
• Initative rework balance
• Added new layout for lvl RMG
Notable bug fixes
• Fixed a bug where the Al did not use neutral dwellings
• Band-aid fixes to some campaign levels that are too hard now. Improved fixes and changes are coming in later updates.
• Fixed issue with random wielders not gettingtheir Al behavior set
• Fixed issue where initiative calculations in the battle queue sometimes showed the wrong values and caused the queue to be in the wrong order
• Fixed the issue causing the hexagon marker to sometimes move furtherthan expected (Gamepad)
• Fixed bugthat made the Al switch long-term targets way too often.
• This led to many side effects, one major being not picking up items that were really near
• Changes to prices for buildings
• Unlocking Horned Ones price lowered by 500 gold

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