秘密政府Secret Government Mac破解版 全球大战略模拟游戏 v1.0.6.3-52240(

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秘密政府Secret Government for Mac破解游戏是以18世纪的欧洲为舞台,玩家要经营在暗地里面活跃的秘密结社,扩大结社的势力。为此必须要培养组织的特务并送往各个国家的重要机构里面卧底,并设法支配政府高层,煽动革命的发生等等。

秘密政府Secret Government Mac破解版 全球大战略模拟游戏
所属分类:策略游戏  大小1G-3G 适配:macOS 10.12或更高 大小:2.25GB | 语言:多国语言[中文] | 授权:破解 最后更新:2023年11月14日
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Secret Government Mac破解版知您网详细描述的截图
Secret Government Mac破解版知您网详细描述的截图


秘密政府Secret Government mac破解版是知您网搜集到的Mac os系统上一款全球大战略模拟游戏,玩家在其中扮演的角色是一个有数百年历史的兄弟会组织。玩家要经营在暗地里面活跃的秘密结社,扩大结社的势力,在阴影中工作并按照自己的喜好操纵整个世界。

秘密政府Secret Government for Mac破解版游戏剧情


秘密政府Secret Government for Mac破解版游戏特色

重写历史 -从17世纪到今天的独立战争到法国和拿破仑战争,每个任务都会使玩家陷入重大的全球冲突中,并责成他们操纵成果来服务于兄弟会的野心。
扮演您的棋子 -从国家统治者到军事超级大国,世界上最有权势的人物对您而言只是个棋子。当您利用它们独特的功能来塑造满足您需求的世界时,学习操纵它们复杂的AI诡计。
间接影响力 -为什么您必须为执行外交,经济和军国主义野心付出沉重的负担?安排您自己的经纪人,并间接强迫其他人通过50多种行动来进行竞标,这些举动旨在维护您的利益,同时维护您的双手清洁,从而打破世界的平衡。
操纵生活世界 -从意识形态到社会阶层,从税收到内乱,秘密政府的世界由无数相互联系的社会政治体系组成,有效地模拟了一个可信的反动世界。在世界各国领导人努力维持现状的同时,您将如何破坏系统的稳定性并引发全球变化?
您不是一个人在暗处 -面对一个敌对的秘密组织,不怕操纵自己的方式进入历史书籍,做出一切行动和选择,以超越竞争对手并保持来之不易的保密性和水平在阴影中的渗透。


Secret Government Crack is a grand strategy game about a secret society. Remaining unseen, they have been ruling mankind for hundreds of years. Your role will be not to just lead any particular country or region, but the Brotherhood: a centuries-old organization that works in the shadows and manipulates the entire world. Pull the strings of fate as you influence the present and future on a global scale, reconstructing the whole world to your liking.
Strategically manage your agents running errands in different countries and infiltrating government institutions to strip countries of their resources and seize control over decision-makers. Your choices will change the internal and foreign policies of countries.
A desire for power and wealth is not the only thing that drives the Brotherhood. It strives for a complete rebuilding of the world.
Beginning in the 17th century, you start making your own history, where in each mission of the game you will interfere in the main conflict of a certain period.
In the Early Access version, you will take part in the Glorious Revolution in England. There you will face a hostile secret organization. Its methods are similar to yours, but the goals are completely different, and you have to figure them out.
You need to act slowly and carefully not to raise the awareness of your clout in the country. You will otherwise be exposed and lose the level of influence already gained in this very country.
There will be plenty of diplomatic, economic and military actions at your disposal. Pay close attention to the domestic politics of each country. If the ruling party’s ideology is very different from the views of various classes and estates, if tax levels are too high and public order too low, then expect a revolution. Or maybe this is what you seek?
You cannot impose your will on the rulers - your manipulations in the game are indirect. You do not have the power to order a monarch to declare war on a neighboring country, but you can plant your agents in the right places, provoke deterioration in relations by indirect actions, arrange a border incident and bring the countries to a military conflict.
We hope that you will spend many enjoyable hours exploring how the world works with Secret Government! Join the Brotherhood!
List of Key Features

  • Rewrite History - From the 17th century to the present day, the War of Independence to the French and Napoleonic Wars, each mission will drop players into major global conflicts, tasking them with manipulating the outcome to serve the Brotherhood’s ambitions.
  • Play Your Pawns - The world’s most powerful figures - from national rulers to military superpowers - are but mere pawns to you. Learn to manipulate their complex AI machinations as you leverage their unique abilities to shape the world to your needs.
  • Indirect Influence - Why should you have to do the heavy lifting of executing your diplomatic, economic, and militaristic ambitions? Plant your own agents and indirectly coerce others to do your bidding with over 50 types of actions intended to upend the world’s balance in your favor while keeping your hands clean.
  • Manipulate a Living World - From ideologies to social classes, taxes to civil unrest, the world of Secret Government is comprised of countless interconnected sociopolitical systems that effectively simulate a believable and reactionary world. While world leaders strive to maintain the status quo, how will you destabilize the system and trigger worldwide change?
  • You’re Not Alone in the Shadows - Facing down a hostile secret organization that isn’t afraid to manipulate their way into the history books, make every action and choice count in order to outthink the competition and maintain your hard-earned secrecy and level of infiltration in the shadows.

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