Repix Pro Mac破解版 图片处理软件 v2.3

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Repix Pro Mac破解版是一款简单好用的图片处理工具,Repix Pro破解版Mac软件一次解决所有与应用滤镜,调整大小,裁剪和重命名所有图像有关的任务的一体化解决方案,有兴趣就来试试吧!

Repix Pro Mac破解版 图片处理软件
所属分类:小于50M  图像处理 系统:macOS 10.13或更高版本 大小:18.81MB | 语言:英文 | 授权:破解 最后更新:2023年03月21日


Repix Pro mac破解版是知您网搜集到的Mac os系统上一款图片处理工具,Repix Pro破解版Mac软件为我们整合了应用滤镜,调整大小,裁剪和批量重命名,图像批量处理等一切图像处理所需要的工具,如果你还在寻找好用的Mac图像处理工具的话,那么知您网官网分享的Repix Pro for Mac破解版一定是你的绝佳帮手。
Repix Pro for Mac破解版功能介绍
知您网官网分享的Repix Pro 破解版Mac软件一次解决所有与应用滤镜,调整大小,裁剪和重命名所有图像有关的任务的一体化解决方案。图像批处理从未如此简单。无论是一幅图像还是数千幅图像,处理它们就像弹指一样容易。您是否对网页/图形设计项目有严格的尺寸标准。或只是希望将其缩小为社交媒体
Repix Pro for Mac破解版功能特色
那么,是什么让RePix PRO独一无二?

  • SMART RESIZING-RePix PRO轻松调整大小。从整个大小预设中调整大小。
  • 只需将图像拖放到任何所需的预设上即可。和Voila。你完成了。
  • 不确定尺寸。没问题,RePix PRO现在允许您调整所需大小的百分比。
  • 魔术剪裁-超级智能的魔术剪裁功能可精确控制剪裁图像,并照顾照片中的人物。现在,您无需担心会砍掉图像中某人的头部或脚趾。魔法作物使您退缩。
  • AUTO IMAGE ENHANCER-精选的滤镜和校正功能可以增强图像质量
  • BATCH RENAMER-批量重命名既简单又有趣。添加自定义后缀和您选择的前缀,使它真正属于您。在图片名称中找到任何单词,并将其替换为您喜欢的单词,以使其令人难忘。
  • 导出-可以更好地控制导出的图像。从.JPG / .JPEG / .PNG / .BMP / .TIFF / .HEIC / .HEIF等一系列格式中进行选择。哦耶。导出时,您可以在预览中查看自己喜欢的照片。
  • 编辑器-编辑器模式是用于在所选图像上应用快速滤镜和智能裁切的便捷工具。
  • 黑暗模式-舒缓黑暗模式使您的体验无缝。



RePix An all in one solution for all your tasks related to Applying Filters, Resizing, Cropping, and renaming all of your images at once. Batch Processing of images was never this easy. whether it be one image or thousands of them, processing them is as easy as snapping your fingers. whether you have strict size criteria for web/graphics design projects. or just wish to make it smaller for social media.
We took care of every user from Novice to Advance. If you have no clue about those figures written in the Width and Height Boxes, No worries, Just drag and drop your image on to Any of the preset and Done. If you need advance controls, we prepared a separate Advance section for you.
Liked what you just performed on an image? Well, Your tweaks and settings are always yours with the functionality of making it your favorite presets. Save it and use it anytime you want.
RePix PRO delivers you the finest possible output and you can experience it in the performance. And it's blazing fast.
So, What makes RePix PRO Unique?
● SMART RESIZING - Resizing is hassle-free in RePix PRO. Resize it from the whole bunch of Size Presets.
Just drag & drop your images on to any of the desired preset. and Voila. You're done.
Not sure about the dimensions.? No issues, RePix PRO now lets you resize in Percentage of the size you want.
● MAGIC CROP - A super-smart Magic Crop functionality crops your images with precise control and also takes care of the person in the photo. Now you need not worry about chopping off someone's head or Toe in the image. The magic crop has held your back.
● AUTO IMAGE ENHANCER - Collection of hand-picked filters and corrections which enhances your image
● BATCH RENAMER - Batch renaming is easy and fun. Make it truly yours with added custom suffix and prefix of your choice. Find any word in the Image name and replace it with your favorite word to make it memorable.
● EXPORT - It offers greater control on your exported images. Choose from a bunch of formats like .JPG / .JPEG / .PNG / .BMP / .TIFF / .HEIC / .HEIF. Oh Yeah. You can see your favorite photos being worked on in preview while Exporting.
● EDITOR - Editor Mode is a handy tool for applying Quick Filters and smart Cropping on selected images.
● DARK MODE - Soothing Dark Mode makes your experience seamless.
● UPDATES - Regular Free Updates & Support.

Version 2.3:

  • The updated UI features a cleaner design with improved navigation, making it easier to access the features you need.
  • In addition to the UI refresh, this update also includes various bug fixes to improve the stability and performance of the app.


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文件下载 系统:macOS 10.13或更高版本 大小:18.81MB | 语言:英文 | 授权:破解 经确认:支持Intel/M1/M2芯片、Big Sur/Monterey/Ventura运行
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