Install Disk Creator Mac OS X启动盘制作工具下载 v1.21(1)

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Install Disk Creator Mac是一款专业的启动盘制作工具,在更新前先做一个,以防万一。

Install Disk Creator Mac OS X启动盘制作工具下载 <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v1.21(1)</span>
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Install Disk Creator是知您网搜集到的mac os平台上一款可以运行于Mac OS系统上的苹果OS X系统启动盘制作工具,对于需要制作Mac OS X系统安装启动盘的用户来说这是一款非常方便实用的工具。

Install Disk Creator的使用步骤简单。插上U盘,选择盘符,选择OS X的安装文件,然后点击「Create Installer」按钮就可以进行安装了。是不是很简单很方便呢?


Install Disk Creator is a very straightforward application that aims to simplify the process of generating a bootable disk that can be used to easily install OS X on any machine.

While this task can be performed without the help of such an app, many users may not be familiar with the necessary procedures.

Enables you to build a bootable install disk with a couple of mouse clicks
When you first launch the application, you are greeted by a minimalist interface that should be easy to understand even for the most inexperienced users.

To begin with, you should connect the storage device you wish to use for this operation. Then, you need to select the right volume from a drop-down list. It is important to make sure no important files are left on the designated drive, as the app erases all of its contents when the operation is launched.

Automatically locates the OS X installer on your Mac to help speed things up
If the installer package is stored in your ‘Applications’ folder, there is no need to find it yourself, as the utility can load it automatically. You can, of course, select a different installer if you do not wish to use the currently selected one.

Once you have launched the operation, a progress bar is displayed to let you know how the task is coming along.

Intuitive app that requires minimal input to create a bootable install disk
Install Disk Creator is remarkably easy-to-use, and can provide you with a simple method of generating a bootable drive that allows you to install OS X on multiple systems.


Install Disk Creator Mac OS X启动盘制作工具下载 <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v1.21(1)</span>的预览图


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