Quit All Mac破解版 一键退出应用程序 v1.2.3

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知您网分享的Quit All Mac软件能够在任务栏上面让您一键退出各种程序,从任务栏当中直接的退出,让您能够轻松的从手机当中退出您自己所需要的应用,轻松的关闭您无需的应用,让您在使用上面更加的贴心一些,喜欢的话就快来下载这款Quit All一键退出!

Quit All Mac破解版 一键退出应用程序
所属分类:系统增强  小于50M 系统:macOS 10.15或更高版本 大小:8.99MB | 语言:英文 | 授权:破解 最后更新:2022年09月25日


Quit All mac破解软件是知您网搜集到的Mac os系统上一款出色的一键退出应用程序,如果您的应用程序卡住或不担心保存,请强制它退出并重新启动。使用Alt从Quit切换到Force Quit,您的工作就完成了。
Quit All for Mac破解软件功能介绍
如果您的应用程序卡住或不担心保存,请强制它退出并重新启动。使用Alt从Quit切换到Force Quit,您的工作就完成了。


Do you enjoy multi-tasking at the same time, but don't like closing multiple applications one at a time? Or does work stop at some point because the computer is overloaded with applications running in the background? Before rebooting, try to quit all or several selected applications using the handy helper in the menu bar called Quit All
Quick Exit
Too many apps open and don't want to cycle through them one by one to close them? Use Quit All to selectively end programs you don't need at the moment (or close all at once). Just click on the application icon in the menu bar and choose which one you want to close. And don't worry, the app will ask if you need to save your work before exiting.
Force termination
With Quit All, you can choose to force quit the application if necessary. Sometimes the program freezes and needs to be terminated; in another case, you just want to close the application, and the unsaved data does not allow you to do this, even if you do not need it, and you do not mind exiting without saving. In any case, conveniently switch between the "Quit" and "Force Quit" options to force quit the problematic application or several of them.
Manage background apps
Take advantage of Quit All's view of background apps and decide whether you want to quit them or leave them running. The Quit All helper in the menu bar can easily handle this task.
Customize as you wish
Quit All has a dark mode for when you want the menu bar assistant to blend in with your desktop. You can also adjust numerous application settings to your liking, namely: launch at login, keyboard shortcuts, default exit, sound effects and much more.


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文件下载 系统:macOS 10.15或更高版本 大小:8.99MB | 语言:英文 | 授权:破解 经确认:支持Big Sur、M1|2芯片、Monterey运行
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