Quicksilver mac v1.4.2

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Quicksilver mac版这是一款很好用的Mac工具,你可以通过quicksilver for mac组合新的快捷键来快速启动你的软件,这样你的Dock栏就可以精简啦!我们觉得原则上每个Mac用户都应该装一个Quicksilver for mac只需要组合键你就可以轻松找到你需要的应用程序并且运行。
Quicksilver mac <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v1.4.2</span>的预览图
Quicksilver is a light, fast and free Mac application that gives you the power to control your Mac with keystrokes alone.
Quicksilver allows you to find what you need quickly and easily, then act upon these objets as you see fit. All with your fingers on the keyboard. As an example, if you want to find an application hidden in the depths of your file system, simply activate Quicksilver with a keystroke, type a few letters of the application’s name, then hit Return or Enter to launch it, or tab and type to find an action such as Quit, Trash, Email To…, Run at Login, Move To…, Get Info, Reveal, the list goes on.
Quicksilver mac <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v1.4.2</span>的预览图
Quicksilver indexes and parses only selected parts of the contents of your hard drive in the Catalog, which means it locates and displays the items matching your search quickly. Quicksilver has a modular structure which means features for interaction with a whole host of of other applications (iTunes, 1Password, Safari, Microsoft office) can be done after installing the relevant plugin.
Quicksilver mac <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v1.4.2</span>的预览图
Version 1.4.2:
Preferences to control text appearance (#2162)
Underline Matched Text
Add Glow to Matched Text
Always Show Name (#1391)
Compress Long Names (#2133)
When a collection is (re)selected in the interface, it appears as a collection that can be managed, as though you had just created it with the comma trick, instead of a single combined object (#2092)
Collections can be "exploded" into a list of individual items with ??]. This is the inverse of ?A. (#2092)
An "Explode Selection" action has been added to split collections into individual items (#2188)
You can browse through a collection to get a better look at each item using ?[ and ?] (#2092)
Internal command to clear Quicksilver history (#2092)

Prevent a crash when scanning Spotlight entries with an empty query (#2158, #2160)
Avoid mounting network volumes to resolve aliases (#2020, #2178)
Triggers based on the Quicksilver Selection proxy can be used on other proxy objects (#2161, #2163)
Recent documents are shown in the correct order on El Capitan (#2181)
Keep the Preferences window on screen when switching displays (#2182, #2183)
Abbreviations are remembered for items you've actually "used" (#2092)
Better handling of collections when browsing history (#2092)
More reliable tracking of position when browsing history, especially when going back for the first time (#2092)
The collection tray will be hidden if the number of items collected drops to one (#2092)
Show the search string when browsing history (#2092)
Clear the search string when switching items in a collection (#2092)
Improved interface when showing all history with ??[ (#2092)
Clearing interface with ?U will also remove comma-trick collections (#2092, #2189, #2190)
Finder Sidebar Items, Recent Applications, Recent Documents, Recent Servers, Favorite Servers now work under El Capitan (#2187, #2191)
Fixed numerous crashes and freezes (#2177)

History only stores items you've actually "used" (#2090, #2092)
Multiple items selected with comma will be added to Recent Objects individually (#2092)
Reusing a recent item will make it the most recent in the history instead of adding a duplicate (#2092)
When a proxy object is used, the item it points to will be added to Recent Objects instead of the proxy object itself, which should already be in the catalog (#2092)
When an item is removed from a collection, the next object in the collection will be selected (#2092)
Removing objects from collections should be more intuitive (#1123, #2092)
? removes the last selected item and selects the next in line (allowing multiple items to be quickly removed in order)
?, removes the most recent item from the collection, but preserves the curent selection
If an action shows a result in the first pane (like Get Path), the result will be added to history (#2092)
The string value for a collection of multiple items will now be the string values of each, separated by new lines, instead of "combined objects" (#2092)

New code will be checked for tab indents (#2050, #2105)
Configure Xcode and TextMate to use tabs by default in this project (#2093)
Allow spaces in comment blocks (#2169)
Add support for combined objects to -[QSObject isEqual:] (#2092)
New unit tests for -[QSObject isEqual:] (#2092)
Eliminated some unnecessary mutable arrays (#2193)


系统:mac 10.8及以上
测试电脑:MacBook Pro(Osx 10.11.5)
开发商:Blacktree, Inc.


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