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MYStuff Pro: 这是一款mac平台的文件管理事务管理工具,可以说是一个事务管理中心,无论是生活购物信息、日程安排、保险信息、生日信息等日常生活的组织安排,还是会议日程、客户管理、供应信息的组织管理等办公事务,都能帮助我们打理的井井有条,是一款全能的事务管理工具。
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MYStuff Pro is the most flexible way to create detail-rich inventories for your home or small business.

Add items to MYStuff by dragging and dropping existing information, uploading new images, or scanning barcodes. Finally, getting organized is easy.

Do inventory your way:
Shop… and Save: MYStuff’s built-in browser saves a web archive of the receipt with a single click, and allows you to quickly add a new Record to your inventory right now while it’s convenient. Putting a web browser inside MYStuff allows you to easily shop your favorite sites on the ‘net, and easily save both information and time. (You can save how-to and informational pages, too.)
Fantastic Flexibility: MYStuff organizes things how you do. Don’t feel like you have to change how you organize to fit your organization program. MYStuff provides easy ways to organize by category, location, tag, or label.
Any Which Way You Want: However you want to get information into MYStuff, we’ve got you covered. You can easily drag-and drop into MYStuff from the Finder or other programs to add files to Records or create hundreds of records all at once. Use your iSight to scan your XBox games and Blu-Ray DVDs? No problem. Access your iPhoto collection? You bet.
Extra Extra: MYStuff stores more than stuff. There so much more information about the stuff you buy than when you bought it and how much it cost. Complete information about vendors and manufacturers, specialized Vehicle and Building category types, warranty calculation, insurance information… if it’s related to your stuff, MYStuff lets you save it.
And more: Integrate with scanners and other apps using MYInbox. Quickly access your iPhoto database from inside MYStuff. Find online manuals and product photos. Do all this and more with MYStuff.
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Version 2.0.24:
FIXED: Bug with asynchronous copy during backup
Built-in store


系统:mac 10.7及以上
测试电脑:MacBook Pro(Osx 10.11.4)
开发商:Minder Softworks


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