MazyLab Movie Maker mac v3.2.1(160413)

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MazyLab Movie Maker mac版是一款功能强大运行在Mac平台上的电影制作软件。它具有一个简化的界面和直观的工作流程,让你享受你的照片/视频,创建好莱坞风格的电影,并迅速分享你最喜欢的时刻,使用Movie Maker Mac让您成为生活中的导演!
MazyLab Movie Maker mac <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v3.2.1(160413)</span>的预览图
*定制Ken Burns效应的平移/缩放照片
*出口电影的iPhone / iPad / iPod兼容的格式去看

Movie Maker puts everything you need to tell your story in a movie, with a streamlined interface and intuitive workflow that let you enjoy your photos/videos like never before. Browse your image/video library, add background music & subtitle, use stunning Ken Burns & transition effects, create Hollywood-style movies, and quickly share your favorite moments online.
MazyLab Movie Maker mac <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v3.2.1(160413)</span>的预览图
Quickly browse and add photo/video
? Enjoy your media library in three different viewing modes
? Easily drag-n-drop photo and video into timeline
? Use simple playback controls to preview whole video project, even in full screen
? Provide timeline & storyboard modes to arrange photo/video comfortably

Make Hollywood-style HD movies
? Choose from 20 templates with matching motion, transitions, layout and background
? Choose from 40+ transition effects to join photos/videos
? Customize Ken Burns effect to pan/zoom the photos
? Trim your video/audio to remove the portion you don’t like
? Select subtitle or soundtrack for re-building your videos
? Create two soundtracks using songs from your iTunes library, sound effect and your own narration
? Create two subtitle track to add captions, even on a blank slide from a selection of 40+ subtitle styles

Support popular media file format & mobile devices
? Add images files with extension as .JPG, .PNG, .TIF, .BMP, .GIF
? Support video files with extension as .M4V, .MOV, .MP4, .AVI
? Support audio files with extension as .M4A, .MP3, .AIFF, .WAV, .AAC, and more
? Output High Definition QuickTime movie(.MOV) and .AVI

Share with friends, at home, and on the go
? Publish movies and share on YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.
? Export movies to iPhone/iPad/iPod compatible formats to watch on the go
? Use Apple TV to playback your movies for sharing with family
? Burn movies to DVD directly with built-in iDVD
? Transfer movies to iTunes library directly after publishing
MazyLab Movie Maker mac <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v3.2.1(160413)</span>的预览图
Version 3.2.1:
- Fix bugs to be compatible with Mac OS EI Capitan 10.11.


系统:mac 10.7及以上
测试电脑:MacBook Pro(Osx 10.11.6)


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