GIF Maker Movavi mac v1.0

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你甚至可以包括键盘和鼠标操作在GIF – 一个方便的功能,如果你打算嵌入的GIF在演示文稿或如何对序列。

– 从在线视频,电影,或任何其他屏幕活动制作的GIF
– 可调捕捉区域:从做全屏视频或选定的屏幕区域的GIF
– 包括在的GIF鼠标和键盘操作
– 基本编辑:修剪和微调的GIF记录
– 可调节的质量:选择帧速率在保存前
– 灵活的大小:选择适合您的GIF分辨率
– 简单和直观的界面

Do you like to post GIFs in social networks, add them to your presentations, or use them in other projects? If you’re looking for an easy-to-use program that will help you make animated GIF images, GIF Maker Movavi is just what you need! With this software, you can quickly create GIFs from online videos, movies, music clips, presentations, or anything else playing on your Mac’s screen.

Now you can make a GIF in just minutes: capture a short video from your browser, media player, desktop, or application, save the result in GIF format, then use your new animated image any way you want.
Select the area you want to use for your GIF: you can go full screen or adjust the recording frame by hand to capture a particular area.
You can even include keyboard and mouse actions in your GIF – a handy feature if you’re planning to embed GIFs in a presentation or how-to sequence.
Fine-tune your GIF before saving: cut unnecessary material from the beginning and/or end of the recording, choose the resolution, even set the optimal quality (frame rate) for the output file.
GIF Maker Movavi mac <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v1.0</span>的预览图
Key features:
– Make GIFs from online videos, movies, or any other screen activity
– Adjustable capture area: make GIFs from full screen video or a selected screen area
– Include mouse and keyboard actions in the GIFs
– Basic editing: trim and fine tune recorded GIFs
– Adjustable quality: choose your frame rate before saving
– Flexible size: choose the resolution for your GIFs
– Simple and intuitive interface


系统:mac 10.6.0及以上
测试电脑:MacBook Pro(Osx 10.11.6)


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