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WhatsApp Pocket for mac让你移动的WhatsApp聊天消息从你的iPhone与你的Mac同步。WhatsApp Pocket for Mac直观的用户界面,便于查看和阅读你的聊天记录。有重要的WhatsApp聊天,你要保存吗?或者不小心删除了一个至关重要的口信吗?WhatsApp Pocket for Mac解决这些问题。

WhatsApp Pocket for Mac自动检测与加载备份存储在你的电脑上,让你提取数据包括信息,照片,视频,语音备忘录,位置数据、联系和最爱。另外,WhatsApp Pocket for Mac可以帮助恢复WhatsApp轻松聊天消息从先前创建的备份。内部搜索,您可以在其中键入关键字找到你需要的特定信息。更重要的是,它将联系信息转换成VCF文件,所以他们可以很容易地导入到前景或其他Web邮件。

WhatsApp Pocket lets you move WhatsApp chat messages from your iPhone to your Mac with just a few, simple mouse clicks. It sports a very clean and intuitive user interface, making it easy to view and read your chat history. Have important WhatsApp chats that you want to save? Or accidentally deleted a crucial message? WhatsApp Pocket solves those issues and many more!

WhatsApp Pocket automatically detects and loads the backups stored on your computer, letting you extract data including messages, photos, videos, voice memos, location data, contacts and favorites. Additionally, the program can help to recover WhatsApp chat messages from a previously created backup with ease.

With its internal search, you can type in keywords to find particular messages you need. What’s more, it converts contact information into VCF files so they can be easily imported into Outlook or other Web mail.
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Version 4.8.0:
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系统:mac 10.7及以上
测试电脑:MacBook Pro(Osx 10.11.4)
开发商:Fireebok Studio Software


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