ToothFairy Mac 蓝牙设备快速切换工具 v2.8.4(115.1.1)

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知您网为知友分享一款实用的一键连接蓝牙设备“Tooth FAiry for Mac破解软件”,它非常棒,只需单击一下或按键,将AirPods(或其他蓝牙耳机)连接到Mac,只需单击菜单栏中的图标(或按热键)即可切换到AirPods,并且图标始终显示它们是否已连接。

ToothFairy Mac 蓝牙设备快速切换工具
所属分类:小于50M  系统增强 适配:macOS 10.13或更高 大小:14.81MB | 语言:多国语言[中文] | 授权:破解 最后更新:2024年03月10日
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ToothFairy mac破解版是知您网搜集到的Mac os系统上一款快速链接蓝牙工具。适用于AirPods以及任何可连接到Mac的蓝牙:耳机、扬声器、耳机、游戏手柄控制器、键盘、鼠标等,并且支持多个蓝牙设备,您可以为每个蓝牙设备选择不同的图标和热键。

ToothFairy for Mac软件下载功能介绍

- 可与AirPods以及任何可连接到Mac的蓝牙耳机,扬声器或耳机一起使用。
- 单击菜单栏中空心的AirPods图标切换到AirPods。它填充以显示它们已连接,并且还显示电池指示灯。
- 支持多个蓝牙音频设备; 您可以为每个选择不同的图标和热键。
- 获得最佳音频质量。如果macOS认为你要使用麦克风,它通常会使用SCO编解码器。当您只关心音频输出时,ToothFAiry可以确保它使用更高质量的AAC编解码器:聆听音乐或视频或玩游戏。
- 再次点击图标(或按热键),断开蓝牙设备,以便切换回手机。带有Apple W1芯片的AirPods和Beats设备无需手动断开,您可以将它们设置为“仅连接模式”,以避免多次按下热键时意外断开连接。
- ToothFAiry会在登录时自动启动,因此当您需要时,它始终存在。
- 可选地隐藏Dock图标,使其仅出现在菜单栏中。在隐藏Dock图标的情况下,您可以右键单击(或按住Ctrl单击)菜单栏图标以访问设置。
- AirPods连接或断开连接时运行一个shell脚本。


Connect AirPods (or other Bluetooth headphones) to your Mac with a single click or keypress.
AirPods are great, but they don’t work quite as smoothly with Macs as they do iPhones. You can’t tell at a glance whether audio will play from the AirPods or your Mac’s built-in speaker, you have to dig into a Bluetooth submenu to connect, and then you have to go back to the menu to see when the AirPods are ready for use. ToothFairy streamlines this: just click an icon in the menu bar (or press a hotkey) to switch to the AirPods, and the icon always shows whether they’re connected.
- Works with AirPods, as well as any Bluetooth headphones, speakers, or headset that you can connect to your Mac.
- Click the hollow AirPods icon in the menu bar to switch to AirPods. It fills in to show they are connected and also displays a battery indicator.
- Supports multiple Bluetooth audio devices; you can choose a different icon and hotkey for each.
- Get the best audio quality. macOS will normally use the SCO codec if it thinks you’re going to use the microphone. ToothFairy can ensure that it uses the higher quality AAC codec when you only care about audio output: listening to music or video or playing a game.
- Disconnect a Bluetooth device by clicking the icon (or pressing the hotkey) again, so that you can switch back to your phone. AirPods and Beats devices with an Apple W1 chip do not need to be manually disconnected, and you can set them to “Connection only mode” to avoid accidental disconnetions when pressing the hotkey multiple times.
- ToothFairy automatically launches at login, so it’s always there when you need it.
- Optionally hide the Dock icon so it only appears in the menu bar. With the Dock icon hidden, you can right-click (or Control-click) the menu bar icon to access the settings.
- Run a shell script when the AirPods are connected or disconnected.
Note: ToothFairy works with devices that can be connected via the macOS Bluetooth menu. Please make sure the devices you want to connect have been paired to the system correctly before using them with ToothFairy.
Version 2.8.4:
- The battery info updates more quickly after connecting a device.
- The “Run shell script after connecting/disconnecting” help page now explains how to trigger a shortcut.
- ToothFairy is better at remembering the current sound input device so that the “Improve sound quality by disabling audio input from device” feature will restore the proper one after connecting a new device.
- You can now pull down a device's menu while the connection progress indicator is spinning.
- ToothFairy no longer shows arrow icons while it's in the process of fixing the sound output, as this was confusing. Instead, it will continue showing the device as half-connected until it's done. You can still see what's happening with the fixing via the tooltip and the menu item text.
- If the feature to fix the sound output is disabled, clicking the half-connected device icon now disconnects the device instead of doing nothing.
- Each help page now has a link to a Google translation so you can view it in a different language.
- Updated the French localization.
- Fixed a bug where the progress indicator wouldn't stop if you clicked the menu bar icon when using the “Don't disconnect when clicking icon or pressing hotkey” option.
- Made various fixes and updates to prevent Cocoa from logging warnings.
- Made various threading improvements.
- The build number is now displayed in a tooltip in the About tab.
- Mac App Store receipt validation works better on Macs with damaged Ethernet ports.
If you enjoy using ToothFairy, please take a moment to rate it or leave a review. We'd really appreciate it.

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2.7.8(91) 立即下载 ssay


文件下载 芯片:✅ 支持Intel/M1/M2/M3 适配:macOS 10.13或更高 大小:14.81MB | 语言:多国语言[中文] | 授权:破解 兼容:✅ Big Sur/Monterey/Ventura/Sonoma运行
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