Mosaic Mac – 强大的窗口管理器 v1.0.10(86)

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Mosaic是Mac os平台上一款强大的窗口管理器,允许轻松重新定位和调整MacOS应用程序的大小,将多窗口混乱转换为一个高效的工具套件。

Mosaic Mac – 强大的窗口管理器 <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v1.0.10(86)</span>
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Mosaic破解版是知您网搜集到的mac os系统上一款优秀的窗口管理工具。当您在工作或者在学习时,查找资料或者打开了很多个窗口时,您开始觉得麻烦,窗口老是要换来换去,非常不便利,那么推荐您一款窗口管理器,让Mosaic for Mac(窗口管理软件)来帮助您吧。Mosaic for Mac(窗口管理软件)是mac平台上一款非常强大的窗口管理器,允许轻松重新定位和调整macOS应用程序的大小,将多窗口混乱转换为一个高效的工具套件。
Mosaic for Mac(窗口管理软件)是一个有着强大功能的窗口管理软件,可以很容易的重新定位和调整大小的MacOS应用程序,将多窗口乱入的工具生产套件。


Mosaic is a powerful window manager that allows easy repositioning and resizing of macOS apps, transforming multi-window chaos into a productive suite of tools.

  • Seamless macOS Integration – Mosaic has been meticulously designed to feel like an integrated component of macOS – and not like a standalone app. The result is a seamless and intuitive experience that feels as good to use as it looks.
  • Fully Customizable Layouts – Rather than limit you to a list of simple preset layouts, Mosaic lets you create any layout you like with a powerful suite of layout creation tools. You can simply paint a layout on a grid or achieve absolute control with numerical constraints.
  • Streamline Your Workflow – As there is no limit to the number of layouts you can create in Mosaic, you can find yourself with dozens of layouts – many of which you only need for specific scenarios. With Layout Groups, you can organise your layouts to suit specific workflows and by switching between them, filter out those you don’t need.
  • Layout Extras:

    • Window Capture – If you need to capture the current window as an image, you can easily copy it to the clipboard or save it to your hard disk.
    • Quick Positions – Take the current window and just move it into any of the screen corners or centrally onto a screen edge.
    • Quick Layout – When you find that you don’t have the layout you need, use Quick Layout to define one on the spot.
  • Touch Bar Support – With a Touch Bar enabled MacBook Pro, all your layouts are right at your fingertips. If you are a keyboard junky but have too many layouts to realistically assign keyboard shortcuts to all of them, Touch Bar is exactly what you need.


Version 1.0.10:

  • Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.


Mosaic Mac – 强大的窗口管理器 <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v1.0.10(86)</span>的预览图


"Mosaic" Mac历史版本


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