魔物学园:毕业舞会大作战Monster Prom Mac 文字冒险解密游戏 v6.8b

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怪物舞会Monster Prom非常有意思,你的选择会影响未来的情况,他们可以让你解开新的结局。有很多不同的结局和几个秘密的。现在怪物舞会 mac版已经为大家测试完毕,欢迎下载!

魔物学园:毕业舞会大作战Monster Prom Mac 文字冒险解密游戏
所属分类:大小1G-3G  策略游戏 适配:macOS 10.9或更高 大小:1.14GB | 语言:多国语言[中文] | 授权:破解 最后更新:2024年03月18日
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mac应用程序中打开游戏“Monster Prom Mac破解版”,在游戏“Monster Prom”的界面 “SETTINGS” – “Language”中选择“SIMPLIFIED CHINESE”,最后点击“BACK”即可!
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魔物学园:毕业舞会大作战Monster Prom Mac游戏下载是知您网搜集到的Mac os系统上一款文字冒险解密游戏,在舞会开始之前还有3个星期还没有约会,你是一个怪物高中生,成为一个怪物可以很难,但想参加好一个夺人眼球的怪物舞会更难!发挥你的优势,获得更好的奖励,发现和解锁物品。

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在爱情和战争中,一切都是公平的,但是,请不要把自己搞得太严肃了。在 Cory O’Brien,Maggie Herskowitz 和 Julián Quijano撰写的文案中,充斥着古灵精怪的后现代幽默。在魔物学园中,连它自己,都可以变成笑料的来源。
Arthur Tien绘制的人物和精美世界让这个游戏的探索过程充满趣味。


There are only three weeks left until prom, and you have no one to go with... oh yeah, and you're a monster. But this is the norm: everyone at your school is like that! This is an introduction to the world of Monster Prom - the full release of Monster Prom Crack, a game where one to four players can compete in a dating sim! After this game you will probably say: “Who would have thought that I liked this!”
Monster Prom deals with adult themes, includes swearing and objectively lewd situations that will not please the tender violets. Keep this in mind before you start playing.
Choose your own adventure and win the heart of the monster of your dreams before no one else does! Take quizzes to learn more about your personality and get yourself into a variety of funny and absurd situations to seduce your significant other. In this game you will make discoveries about your personality that will surprise both you and your friends.
Use your strengths to earn great rewards, unlock and unlock items that will increase your chances of winning the heart of your favorite enemy and winning the battle for the goal that all high school students have: going to prom without being alone.
Gather up to three friends or play alone, admire the beautiful graphics, laugh at the witty dialogue and prepare to make difficult decisions. The world of Monster Prom is harsh: only lovers will survive! The rest of the losers are doomed to loneliness. Being a monster is hard, but finding a date for prom is even harder!
List of awesome things:
Dating simulator with competition
Nothing fuels feelings like competition. Choose the object of your affection, but if you share your feelings with your friends, they will want to compete with you.
Fantastically funny script
In love and war, all methods are good, just don’t take yourself too seriously. The fantasy postmodern humor of Corey O'Brien, Maggie Gerskowitz and Julian Quijano will touch on all possible topics and even make fun of itself.
Great graphics
You definitely won't be bored: explore the beautiful world and characters created by Arthur Tien.
More than a thousand funny and absurd situations, hundreds of events
Plunge into the busy life of the local monster school, participating in hundreds of events that branch into thousands of situations with many possible endings.
M/P mode: one to four players
Play alone, with a loved one or with a group of friends.
Easy to learn and play
No training: just prepare to have your heartstrings tugged at.
Characters that are easy to fall in love with
six almost adult charming classmates are waiting for you: meet them, choose one candidate and find out what this monster likes.
Monstrously postmodern everyday life
A magnificent, carefully crafted universe with many different characters, each with their own taste in clothing, outfits, style and eccentricities. This is happening in the modern world with all its features: selfies, dating apps, dick pics, clubs, emojis and much more.
freedom of choice
Monsters don't love boys or girls, monsters love monsters. In Monster Prom, your gender and sexual orientation do not affect anything. Love is already hard to find!

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