Analyzr mac v2.4.4

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Analyzr Pro mac版是一款macOS平台的专业的高尔夫教学软件,Analyzr Pro Mac版可以帮助我们更好的学习高尔夫球,该软件还能将自己录制的高尔夫视频导入到软件内,软件还能对视频里面的动作进行分析等。
Analyzr mac <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v2.4.4</span>的预览图
通过Analyzr Pro,您可以轻松地组织您的学生和他们的analyzr图书馆上一节课。在每一个学生,你会发现每一节课的日历日期,一场关于笔记备课笔记打字。您可以导入您的照片和视频到这些经验教训,并迅速找到他们使用快速过滤器。如果你在YouTube上找到一个伟大的剪辑,导入到“模型”部分。使用“其他”部分特殊项目或临时项目。重命名库中的项与双击和移动它们拖放。组织你的图书馆也不容易!
Analyzr mac <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v2.4.4</span>的预览图
Analyzr ProPro和学生进出显示照片和视频,你可以让你的教训。它从未容易从录音录像与你的同学讨论。一步你可以选择正确的视频,标签查看,和快速访问甚至颜色代码。当你想要在你的学生面前看起来很好,没有其他的选择。

Analyzr Pro was designed and built by golf instructors for golf instructors and students of the game. Built exclusively for OS X, it takes full advantage of the platform’s unparalleled handling of video and graphics. This makes Analyzr Pro an extremely easy-to-use app that’s both smooth and powerful.

At the heart of the Pro version is a Library which includes student, lesson, and model folders, into which you can import unlimited videos. Once videos are imported you can move the videos and resize the viewers, measure, draw (lines, arrows, rectangles, ovals… you get the picture) and more. At the end of every lesson instructors will appreciate the ability to print or email screenshots with notes for the student, and if they choose record a video analysis ready to post to YouTube or copy directly to a student’s flash drive. As you can tell Analyzr Pro was created to make life easier for golf instructors everywhere.
Analyzr mac <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v2.4.4</span>的预览图
Easy to organize Library (students, lessons, folders, videos) with a single file database and separate sections for Students, Models, and Others
Fast Filtering to quickly locate videos in your Library.
Resizable, collapsible video players
Imports movies from your computer, camera, memory card, or YouTube
Grabber, Line, Arrow, Rectangle, Oval, and Angle Tools
Thin, Medium, and Thick line thicknesses
Nine vibrant colors for your lines, rectangles, etc., including one custom color
Two-up image export (see image at right) and printing, both with notes.
Record a video analysis and add it to your library, email it, or save it to disk (or any combination)
Free updates through version 1.x
Much more…
Analyzr mac <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v2.4.4</span>的预览图
Version 2.4.4:
Bug Fixes
Analyzr Pro "Swing Sequences" would get screwed up if you trimmed a video. This now works correctly.
Analyzr Student displayed "Swing Sequence" in the "Export" menu under "File" accidentally. Only Pro can export Swing Sequences.
Fixed a bug which prevented typing of GLAROV or 123 keys in the Fast Filter.


系统:mac 10.9及以上
测试电脑:MacBook Pro(Osx 10.11.6)
开发商:Analyzr Golf


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